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Triage X #2

April 18, 2015


Okay, so that’s pretty damn surprising.

What’s surprising you might ask? Well, the first episode of Triage X was okay. But it probably appealed to the likes of me and particularly Landon more because of what a trashy piece of work it was.

Episode 2’s super surprising in the fact that it’s legitimately good in a conventional way, while still having some trashy appeal.

The only downside for me is when a certain character is obviously not killed. I would have liked that character to be killed, but assuming that character ever returns, it’d be in a role of suffering, so I guess that’s okay.

I’m thinking this show’s the surprise “good show” of the season. If you’re into the kind of shows that we here at Mecha Guignol are into, I’m thinking you might diggit. It’s at least worth a try, considering you’ve probably given absolutely shitty shows a chance, so ya might as well give something that has a surprisingly higher than even chance not to be shitty a chance.

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