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Magical Girl CYOA

April 14, 2015

So I was perusing that hive of scum and scummery known as 4chan and came across a couple Magical Girl Choose Your Own Adventure type images. It was late and I was bored (from playing the immensely grindy Neverwinter Mod 6) and it wasn’t THAT late, so I wanted to pass a few minutes before heading off to bed. So I rolled up a character and boy, if you’ve known me as long as Landon and ThreeDark know me, you know that over the years, I’ve stereotyped myself and the rolls I got here… you’d think I was cheating. Anyways, here are the images, my rolls and I’ll put in some background/story stuff later.


Str = 4 +2 (silver coin)
Vit = 4 +4 (gold coin)
Agi = 4
Mag = 4 +2 (silver coin)
Luck = 4 +2 (silver coin)

Age: 6+d10 = 6+4 = 10
Body Development: d20 = 6 (Underdeveloped)
Specialization: d20 = 7 (Time: +1 Vit or +1 Agi and +2 Luck)
Weapon Type: d20 = 19 (Fist: +2 Str)
Outfit: d20 = 15 (Elaborate: +1 Mag)
Magical Powers: d20 = 10 (Barrage)
Misc Perks: d20 x5 = 16 (Enhanced Transformation), 15 (Money), 9 (+2 Luck), 12 (Masculinity), 11 (Training)

Str = 6 +2 (Fist)
Vit = 8
Agi = 4 +1 (Time)
Mag = 6 +1 (Elaborate)
Luck = 6 +2 (Time) +2 (Perk)

Final Stats:
Str = 8
Vit = 8
Agi = 5
Mag = 7
Luck = 10

So I’ve got a fairly well rounded magical boy whose stronger and tougher than he looks. Relatively low Agility is compensated by being a Time manipulator. I originally just gave him higher Agility and lower Magic, but I couldn’t help min/maxing, so I switched that up to the final version. He’s also quite lucky.

I’m gonna say his Training is in martial arts, so along with Barrage which is further enhanced by Time manipulation AND getting lucky with those pressure point hits, he’s a regular ol’ Kenshiro. He could literally use time to do ye ol’ “You are already dead” thing.

I misread the Powers section and didn’t realize I coulda gotten a second Power, so when I “cheated” by backtracking, I got Shadow Clone, which fits but then I thought, nah, I’ll stick to my original rolls.

I’ll write something up for this kid later (maybe).

Addendum: It seems my kid’s something of a stat monster as well, since I mostly got the rolls I wanted, I had Coins to spare.

Edit 1: So ThreeDark rolled up his girl, and then used an actual d20 to roll up another. This other turned out to be a Fallen Angel, so we decided to make her our group’s arch-nemesis. ThreeDark also rolled what I thought were great perks, especially as befitting such a character, but since this is our final boss, we’re doing a cheat and giving her a +2 bonus to all her stats as well. So, here’s what we got. The picture’s temporary but I think it kinda works.


Str 7
Vit 13 (silver coin x3)
Agi 8
Mag 9
Luck 8
Age: 10
Body: Well developed
Specialty: Fallen
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Elaborate
Powers: Barrage, Regeneration (gold coin)
Perks: Money, Incognito, Enhanced Transformation, Luck Boost, Eternal Style

So she’s a Fallen who is damn hard to kill. We might mess with the stats a little to make her more balanced but I personally wanna dump all 3 silver coins into her Vit.

Interestingly, she uses Ranged weaponry. ThreeDark rolled Magic for his girl, so this means we’ve got all the weapon types covered. It seems our Fallen is a shooty type that’s damn hard to kill and is hard to track down. The fact that she rolled Enhanced Transformation is just icing on the cake.

Meanwhile, our trio seems to lack the DPS that’d be needed to take her down.

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  1. Landon permalink
    April 14, 2015 11:19 PM

    Strength: +4 (+1 Melee, +1 Flowing, +2 Perk) – 8
    Vitality: +2 (+1 Melee, +1 Perk) – 6
    Agility: +0 – 4
    Magic: +4 (+2 Sound, +2 Perk) – 8
    Luck: +7 (+1 Sound, +2 Perk, +4 2 Silver) – 11

    Age: 6 + 9 = 15

    Body Development: Average

    Specialization: Sound

    Weapon: Melee

    Outfit: Flowing

    Magical Powers: Third Eye, Familiar (1 Gold)

    Perks: (1 Coin to repick) +2 Strength, +2 Magic, Enhanced Sustenance, +2 Luck, Interdimentional Home (the repick)

    She probably plays the accordion. Her familiar is a pygmy goat named Scapegoat.

  2. April 15, 2015 12:23 AM

    So, initially, Landon got Interdimensional Bro. With no home/income, that pretty much meant his girl’s a WHORE with InterBro as the sugar daddy. Although with the reroll to Interdimensional Home + Enhanced Sustenance, I guess she’s independent now.

    Sound + 3rd Eye + Familiar, she’s totally a support/coordinator-type.

  3. April 15, 2015 1:19 AM

    My kid’s magical name is gonna be Sleeper Hit. Naturally, mooching off at Landon’s place.

  4. threedark permalink
    April 15, 2015 3:28 AM

    Str + (5)
    Vit ++ (6)
    Agi (4)
    Mag ++++gs (14)
    Luck +s (7)

    Age: 14
    Development: Advanced
    Specialty: Earth
    Weapon: Magic
    Outfit: Flowing
    Power: Tentacle Fun (s)
    Perks: Closure, Magic Boost, Big Backpack, Get Out of Jail, Interdimensional Home


    • April 15, 2015 5:21 AM

      A ghost jailer who can get out of jail. Her InterHome’s probably a coffin that’s bigger on the inside.

      • April 15, 2015 9:26 AM

        So here are some options for ThreeDark’s Geistmancer. A well developed 14 year old? Which in anime, might as well mean she’s anywhere between 21 and 33.

        Ghostia 2’s neato and fits with Mecha Guignol’s anime thing.
        Ghostia 3’s perhaps somewhat generic.
        Ghostia 4’s concept is neat, but the art style wouldn’t fit as much?

  5. April 15, 2015 8:21 AM

    Don’t really care much about magical girls, but this looked cool so I gave it a try. Was pretty fun coming up with the character after being given her fundamental characteristics.

    Age: 20
    Body: 8 (Average)
    Specialty: 1 – Fire (+3 str)
    Weapons: 20 – Fist (+2 str)
    Outfit: Skimpy
    Magic Powers: Regeneration
    Perks: Enhanced Transformation, Gain +2 Vit, Gain +2 agi, Training, Enhanced Sustenance (+1 Vit)

    Final Stats:
    STR = 11
    VIT = 5
    AGI = 6
    MAG = 4
    LUCK = 4

    Used silver to add to my strength (+2). 2 Silvers to remove 2 perks (had interdimensional bro and eternal style, changed to training and +2 agi). And the gold coin was used to change my specialty from Light to Fire.

    Since I’m 20 years old, that pretty much makes me a magical WOMAN. So, like, “witch” or “enchantress” or something like that would be more appropriate, right?

    I’m a hot-blooded, competitive, tough, determined kinda gal who’s been training in martial arts since I was a kid. My parents are six-time champions of the Couples’ Martial Arts Tournament so I followed in their footsteps, except I fight solo (at least at the moment). Now that I have magic fire powers, I use that shit to burn and beat my opponents into piles of ash.

    The regen means it will probably take some time to bring me down. And I might just knock the shit out of you with my super high strength + fire combo. I’m also quite agile, so I can run fast, make accurate attacks and dodge pretty well too. I think this power set makes me kind of like a tank/damage dealer hybrid, right?

    Low magic and luck though. But given the type of character I am, I’d probably be the type to say “Hard work and training is better than luck” or something like that.

    Enhanced sustenance compliments my disciplined lifestyle so I live off the bare minimum required intake of food and water and stuff. I usually spend my time in the mountains training.

    My transformation is just a quick burst of intense flames engulfing me (can’t touch this!) and then I emerge in my magical form striking some badass pose in my skimpy outfit.

    I think this would fit my transformed look, except I’d have “average” sized lady parts and I’d probably be much more muscular/toned since I’m a hand-to-hand fighter:

    That’s E-Hero Burstinatrix from Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

    • April 15, 2015 8:37 AM

      At first it was beginning to sound like she was your typical shounen MC but with boobs, so I tried to drive her personality in a different direction from that archetype. Her pathological competitiveness, desire to win at all costs and insanely high standards for herself lead to living a solitary lifestyle to focus on her goals and she feels defeat so hard that each one severely wounds her pride and, in the worst cases, breaks her down. She’s kinda like Asuka from Evangelion.

      • April 15, 2015 9:04 AM

        Neato. Also, that’s a rather good pic selection.

        In all likelihood, the original 3 would probably slack off on hunting down the Fallen. Heck, they might be buddy buddy and hang out with her. So a driven character who might actually wanna get the job done’s an interesting addition.

        • April 15, 2015 9:57 AM

          She’d probably dislike those three because they’d act in the exact opposite way she does. She might begrudgingly join up with them if she realized she couldn’t beat the Fallen on her own.

          Also, would you know where I can find more stuff like this? I’m interested in doing one that has something other than magical girls. Probably superheroes.

          • April 15, 2015 11:08 AM

            Unfortunately, you’ll have to scour the wasteland that is 4chan. There’s usually a CYOA thread on tg. Superhero CYOAs tend to not exist, but there are some decent ones which we might put up on MG. “Tower Girls” is a personal fave that needs editing though.

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