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Triage X #1

April 13, 2015

malTriage X was precisely what I thought it would be.

No, I tell a lie. It was what I hoped it would be.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the best first episode of the season so far. Kekkai Sensen and Punchline were decent, but they felt sort of “off” for me. They lacked that punch to knock me out. Triage X on the other hand, eschews the sweet science of either and just comes out swinging instead.

Ordinarily, a show like this would seem too “try hard” to me, but Triage X just embraces itself to such a ludicruous degree that I can’t help digging it. I mean, the camera angles for instance are awesome. They constantly pointlessly pan over the stupidly proportioned female characters.

Speaking of that, I wanna say I like the censorship, which is so far, fairly well done. sure, it’s in your face but at least it isn’t an outright black spot on the naughty bits y’know? The only weird thing with the censorship is that blood is also censored, and while that works for most scenes, there’s one particular scene where a hostage gets shot where it isn’t quite clear if he dies due to the lack of blood.

But otherwise, I dig Triage X and I think Landon would dig it too, because this kinda show seems to be right up his alley. As for everyone else, I’d say this will probably be a tad underrated show that’s better than it seems once you embrace (that’s “embrace”, not “get pass”) the silliness of this show’s exploitativeness.

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