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Rolling Girls 5 & 6

February 15, 2015
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unironicI didn’t even know these episodes were up, but apparently they were, so I went and got both and I’ve just finished watching ’em. And I gotta say, I unironically like ’em.

The key to these 2 episodes not sucking, particularly with episode 6, is that the Rolling Girls are very much background characters. They took up a lot of time in episodes 3 & 4 despite not doing a fucking thing, but here, their screentime’s not only been significantly cut, but by doing so, their utter incompetence actually ends up sort of entertaining. They were utterly pointless in eps 3 & 4, but here, the story actually moves along precisely because they suck at life so much.

Which is how it should be, because that’s precisely what Rolling Girls is about. It’s not about the Rolling Girls, it’s about all the characters they encounter as they travel around Japan. With the focus so far mostly centered on the Bests they come across.

My hope is that as the show progresses, the Rolling Girls remain background characters. I’m also hoping for more interesting Bests/stories. Eps 5 & 6 work because they actually split the focus between like, 5+ characters/groups. So none are particularly DEEP in and of themselves, but it all comes together well, like a plate of “Economy Rice”. That said, as eps 3 & 4 illustrated, simply focusing on the Bests can end up flat, since everyone is shallow in this series.

I don’t really want character depth, I just want the accumulation of shallowness which results in depth.

Anyways, I’m digging Rolling Girls. Not enough to recommend yet, since while it’s watchable enough so far, there are other shows that are higher on the “to watch” list. I just don’t think it’s nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s not GREAT, hell, it’s barely good. But it’s not BAD. I realize that on the internet, things are either “god tier” or “shit tier” with nothing in between, but irl, Rolling Girls is firmly somewhere in the middle. It’s in the mythical “mid(gard) tier”.

Also, the blonde girl is apparently a changeling.

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