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Unlimited Fafnir – 1

January 11, 2015

ufSo, have y’all noticed how in some seasons, we get a lot of shows that have the same general themes? This season seems to be all about cheese cake harems in their early/mid-teens with super powers. From Absolute Duo to Shinmai Maou no Testament, and now with Unlimited Fafnir.

So Unlimited Fafnir is about this 16 year old dude with super powers, and he’s sent to an otherwise all girls school, where everyone’s got super powers. So apparently, 25 years ago, monsters called Dragons appeared. Then they suddenly disappeared. And then kids with super powers similar to those Dragons (most of which don’t look like Dragons) started being born. And the Dragons were back again? And have been a regular occurrence ever since? And there’s a Dragon that’s a giant tree but they have no idea what it was? And the last Dragon attack was 2 years ago but there was a Dragon attack just last year? And there’s a theory on Dragons that’s been confirmed but it was only confirmed 2 years ago because of a very specific thing happening so they somehow had a theory of that thing happening before there was any indication of that thing happening? And girls apparently have better imaginations because their imaginations have no detail, and are just envisioned as “magic”? Whereas the main guy is an “amateur” because he created a working piece of equipment.

Also, there’s the matter of the main guy and his little sister. The guy’s 16 now, he was separated from his sister 3 years ago, and he looked like a 9 year old then. Certainly not 13. And she looked like she’s at least couple years younger than him. But they’re in the same class. And at least one of their classmates is also 16. And the ending sequence seemed to indicate that she was the same age as a whole bunch of other girls who were brought onto the school. I guess they sorta handwaved it by saying that Dragon fighters had their own curriculum? But then, isn’t every girl in that school supposed to be superpowered and have Dragon fighting training? Are they supposed to be elite Dragon fighters, even though one of them is utterly incompetent in even the basics despite having been at it for over a year. Or did the sister have a growth spurt, and skipped a couple grades, while her older classmates started a couple grades below their age but then also skipped some grades?

Yeah, Unlimited Fafnir tries to be “smart” but it’s “smart” like a Michael Bay movie is “smart”. Which is to say, “technobabble” doesn’t make things automatically sciency, nor does an entire cast being composed of British actors automatically make a movie good (although it’d still win an Oscar).

Don’t get me wrong, Unlimited Fafnir isn’t quite as “offensive” as say, Shinmai Maou no Testament. That show seemed to expect us to be blown away by it. Unlimited Fafnir’s more along the lines of Absolute Duo, where you get the feeling they’re just phoning it in. In fact, it’s slightly annoying but everyone’s so cookie cutter that I just don’t care to work up any feeling toward it one way or the other.

Personally I’d give this show a miss, but I dunno, if you’re in your late teens/early twenties, these kinda shows might be good escapism. After all, who wouldn’t wanna have a harem and super powers? It’s just nothing new for me.

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  1. January 11, 2015 5:33 PM

    Only LN crap I saw this season is Saenai Heroine and it was infuriating in how “smart” it wanted to be. Couldn’t even finish the episode.

    • January 11, 2015 10:14 PM

      I got to the bit in Saekono where the writer chick hugged the main dude. It was shortly after the foreign childhood friend basically confessed.

      If I was in my teens or early twenties, I mighta dug the discussions on storytelling techniques. But at this stage, it just feels superficial. As you said, it’s like they’re being “smart” by pointing out storytelling devices. But it’s laaaaame because of how hamfisted it’s handled. Just because they admit they were being hamfisted doesn’t make it better.

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