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Shinmai Maou no Testament #1

January 8, 2015


I mentioned that Absolute Duo really wasn’t that painful to watch. Now Shinmai Maou no Testament? Yeah, this is pain. All this show knows is pain.

The first half is pure pain. I skimmed ahead a bit so I knew things were gonna pick up. I fought through the pain until they hit the “twist”. But it was still nothing but pain. All this show knows is pain. After muscling through this show, all I gained was pain.

More specifically, the show opens with this dude waiting to meet his 2 new stepsisters at a family restaraunt. He’s nervous, so he goes to the restroom. Naturally, he finds his future stepsister on the loo. And then he sees a sign, a sign INSIDE the restroom that says the door is broken and you should knock first… and y’know, it’s not like he went in the wrong door because there’s only one door, so apparently, it’s a public unisex restroom?

He sees she’s about to scream, so he covers her mouth and tries to calm her down whilst explaining the situation. She calms down and then whacks him anyway. And… well, this show is just pure pain. It just continues to be stupid throughout the entire first half of the episode. It’s so dumb that by the time we hit the second half, where it’s revealed that the girls are actually demons (not as cool as it sounds), it just makes the second half look even dumber.

I’m only bothering to write this much about it to justify devoting an actual post to this.

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