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Kantai Collection #1

January 8, 2015


Well now this is interesting. I’ve liked the whole Mecha Musume look for quite awhile, and I first encountered Kancolle via the announcement/prototypes for the Figma toys. I dug the look of the toys, so I was kinda looking forward to this series. I mean, I figure it’ll suck but I liked the look of the toys enough to be excited and give the show a go. I gotta say…

It’s better than I thought it’d be. I was expecting really banal and/or inane girls doing “cute” (re: BORING and STOOOOPID) stuff while giving lip service to the battle aspect of the concept. At “best”, we’d get maybe a lot of military fetishism. Surprisingly though, there’s a lot more action than I expected.

We open up with the introduction of the Abyssal. EVIL ship girls who look like Black Rock Shooter rejects. Initially, I thought the girls were giant, though it’d turn out that certain things were simply really tiny.

Anyways, after their introduction, we go into the “cute” portion that I thought would dominate the show. But surprisingly, once the character introductions were done, we go into an extended battle sequence. It’s not particularly gory, though it coulda been, but it wasn’t. One girl who got damaged basically just had her clothes ripped. But it wasn’t completely nerfed. They did what they could given their apparent limitations. It’s as if the animators knew that we expected this to be sucky Strike Witches/Girls Und Panzer BORING crap and they wanted to move away from that, but they couldn’t “go there”. They couldn’t defy marketing by making the show super gory. So Kantai Collection skirts a balance that I’m kinda okay with. So long as they continue to skirt the line, I’d be fine with this show.

The main girl Fubuki sucks. She’s like what’s her name from Stella C-Bu whatever. But oh well, hopefully the show’ll continue to be as gritty as it could get away with. Also, that “evil” girl totally DIED at the end. It’s done in a sort of “she’s a soulless baddie so it’s a-ok” way, but still, there’s totally a “death” in this show.

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