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Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD – 1

January 7, 2015


Idol singers are assholes.

Seriously. Look at the way they’re portrayed in the first episode of the new Milky Holmes joint. They’ve robbed this anime’s world of the romanticized depiction of detectives and gentleman thieves, replacing it with the commercialized, manufactured hell of idolatry. The public is apparently no longer captivated by the exploits of charismatic charlatans and the noble thinkers who hunt them down. They’d rather have line dancing adolescents singing cheesy pop tunes that all sound alike. They’ve made the world of Milky Holmes a far more cynical, rotten place.

But that isn’t all. These idols aren’t just nasty in the way real world idols are. They backstab one another and look down on anyone who isn’t in perfect pop lock step, and their managers are manipulative fiends just like always, but they’re also out-and-out evil witches. These idols captivate people not through normal emotional tricks and clever marketing ploys, they use their “toys” to manipulate the feelings of their audiences. They’re basically using magic to make audiences fall in love with their music. They don’t even have the “everyone has different tastes” argument to fall on, since you literally have no choice in whether you like their music or not.

At least with the gentleman thieves you had a fighting change to thwart their tyranny, but this New World Idol has already won and no one has realized it yet.

That makes this new entry in the Milky Holmes saga a true horror story. This is a true dystopia– one far worse than the likes of Psycho-Pass– because no one has the ability to be aware of it. There’s no existential crisis at hand. There’s no fighting the power. The only recourse you have is to be as stupid and oblivious as the Milky Holmes girls. Only then can you find true bliss in a post-Idol world.

Yeah, the jokes aren’t quite as bitter and nasty as before, but there’s some good stuff going on here with the way they poke fun at pop idol culture. And thankfully we have Stupid Holmes back in some capacity. Competent Holmes is heresy.

There’s also a funny bit where the Milky Holmes girls falsely accuse one of the girls from that awful spin-off series, and there’s no sign of her getting out of jail after the real culprit is caught, so this thing’s alright with me.

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