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Space Sheriff Shaider – Next Generation

January 7, 2015


Awhile back, I recommended Space Sheriff Sharivan – Next Generation. As far as the superhero tokusatsu genre goes, I think it’s a really good entry level movie, particularly for a more adult audience. Space Sheriff Shaider – Next Generation, is the much anticipated (by me at least) follow-up movie which wraps up the Space Sheriff (insert Space Sheriff name) – Next Generation “trilogy”. Does it live up to the anticipation?

In a word…

No. It does NOT. As a movie, it has its good points, but as a Shaider movie? It sucks balls.

Let’s get the most egregious problem with this movie out of the way. For a Shaider movie with a runtime of about 1 hour, it barely has 5 minutes of Shaider in the entire thing. And I’m saying that literally. This lack of Shaider is frankly, bizarre. It’s as if they only had one suit and couldn’t risk damaging it, so they minimized his appearances. My guess is, they filmed both Sharivan and Shaider together, but ran out of budget at Sharivan? So they could only afford to make one Shaider suit? Or maybe they cannibalized the Shaider suit for Sharivan due to damages to the former? I dunno, but it’s just plain weird that they couldn’t afford to have Shaider appear in his own movie. To the point where he barely throws a regular punch in his Shaider form.

Other than that, this is outright not even a Shaider movie. It’s actually almost entirely about his sidekick, Tammy. The bits that are not about his sidekick are actually cameos for the purpose of wrapping up the story started in Sharivan. Hell, when the dramatic music kicks up near the end, which should have signaled Shaider kicking ass, we get Tammy instead. That bit was legitimately piss-offing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a kiddy’s first female empowerment movie, this is pretty decent. Tammy’s initially seemed like an annoying jealous companion type character, but that’s relatively easily forgotten because most of this movie is just her fighting. And hey, she’s a rather pretty fighter. By that, I mean the choreography’s pretty good (although she’s reasonably pretty). Tammy gets to kick a lot of ass. And every time she does kick, which is a LOT, it’s typically shot from a low camera angle. I mean, she’s wearing (flesh tone) spats, but still, that’s a lot of low angle shots.

Other than that, this movie’s way more kiddy than Sharivan. Sharivan had loads and loads of blood, and there’s the implication that Sharivan pretty much murders every mook he comes across. Here, there’s one bit where Tammy breaks a mook’s neck, but the next scene is her throwing him away and he’s obviously still alive. So the implication is that none of this has been fatal (because they’re aliens?).

As a Space Sheriff movie, Space Sheriff Shaider – Next Generation suuuucks. It barely passes muster as a tokusatsu movie. As a regular action oriented chick flick, it’s actually pretty decent for the loads and loads of fight scenes. It’s not something I’d recommend unless you’ve seen everything else and you’re in the mood for a fight oriented movie.

Edit: Apparently, Shaider’s lack of screentime was prevalent in the original TV series as well. I suspected that was the case, but still standby what I said in that this ain’t a movie I’d recommend to someone as a first choice.

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