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Yuri Bear Storm – 1

January 6, 2015


I really wanna like Yuri Bear Attack On Arashi Storm We Wanna Eat All Humans. Honest to goodness. I want it to be the sort of surreal, bizarre comedy/melodrama thing I expect from the dude behind the likes of Utena. But I’m still feeling burned by how Penguindrum ended up being such a tedious bore. I’m cautious– kinda like how you’d get if one of the titular man-eating bears were to scoot to close to your back yard window or something. I’m afraid Yuri Bear’s gonna jump out at me and maul me with banality. I don’t wanna die like that.

The first episode ain’t great or anything, but there’s enough going on here to keep me from feeling those foreboding jaws clamping down on my neck just yet.

First off, anyone notice how the set-up for this thing is basically the same plot as Night of the Living Dead?

A meteor or whatever falls from the sky and causes a thing to rise up and start eating peeps. In Night it was corpses, and with Yuri Bear it’s bears. Both play it off as the thing in question simply doing what it’s supposed to do. Zombies and bears eat peeps because that’s their nature. There’s no evil intent, just bellies that need to be satiated. People obviously don’t take it so impersonally, so there’s gonna be grudges to bear and whatnot. If you see a zombie or a bear eat a family member, as is hinted at in the first episode of this show with the blonde girl’s mom, you’re gonna take this natural order to be a personal affront and you’re gonna learn how to headshot things to satiate your own vengeful belly. That, too, is simply the natural order.

It’d be totally cool if this were an intentional riff and not simply coincidence.

Can’t say too much else about this show that doesn’t stray into total conspiracy theory territory, but that ain’t gonna stop me. I’m feeling kinda uneasy about the whole yuri thing here. Not by its presence, but by how it’s being equated with what’s essentially cannibalism. It’s still early on, so we haven’t seen the long game, but right now the urges to eat people is being equated with homosexual desires. It might just be me, but despite my joy at seeing peeps get eaten in a fictitious manner, but I don’t equate said act with good things. So it’s kinda odd how all the imagery is equating the desire for a young bear-girl to eat the flesh of a young girl with the sexual yearning of one girl for another.

Maybe it’s just a vampire thing (And thus we’re riffing on zombies AND vampires. Maybe they’ll go for some magical liches and go for an undead trifecta?), but the vampire thing almost always comes off as a creepy, predatory, rapey sort of lust. Given the fact that Ikuhara seems to be totally cool with this sort of thing, it just seems strange to present it in this way. But what do I know?

So yeah, bears look to be the new vampires/zombies/whatevers. They’re gonna steal away all the women-folk and eat you if you don’t stay at home, use the buddy system and hang bearclaw pastries over your door. It could work. Maybe. Bears aren’t as cool as penguins, though.

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