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Age of Extinction Snarl

November 12, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I picked this guy up at my local Tesco for a pretty good price. But then I popped onto ye ol’ internet and was aghast at the lack of reviews on this guy. There’s a couple YouTube reviews of the SDCC exclusive version, but love for regular ol’ mass retail release Snarl here was dreadfully lacking. So here’s my take on this guy, and I might even refrain from my usual arbitrary swearing.

Of all the AoE Dinobots, Snarl’s easily the prettiest. I mean, most of the AoE Dinobots look reasonably cool once you get pass all the spikes and the sharp edges and the spikes and the spines and the spikes and the serrated teeth and the stupidity and the spikes, but not a single one of them look nearly as goooood as Snarl here in dino-mode. And I think it boils down to the fact that maybe because Stegosauri are already spiny spikey sons of guns, but the (toy) designers didn’t add much by way of additional spikes onto this guy, so he looks like an actual robo-Stego.

And that’s why this look works so much. It’s evolutionary perfection. He’s ludicrously thicked bodied with absurdly large and plentiful spines and spikes, yet sleek and early Cretaceousy. Just as mother nature intended.

He’s also a robot, again, just as mother nature intended.

With his yellow translucent spines and reptilian green bod, his colors are a simple feast for the eyes, but simple as they are, they’re still a feast.

Articulation in robo-Stego mode-o is a tad limited, but at the same time, enough for my basic needs.

Transformation is simple and obvious but while not especially satisfying, it also strikes within that range of a balance between simplicity/complexity and enjoyment.

Robot mode isn’t quite as bereft of negatives, but let’s focus on the positives first. Which is that he looks fantastico. Oh, the robot mode in and of itself looks merely just above averagingly good, but when you consider what the Stegosaurus looks like and you compare it to the robot, the change in silhoutte is rather significant, despite the simple transformation. Oh, and of course, he has the original Snarl’s split tail shoulders thingy.

Sadly, Snarl’s sapien shape suffers somewhat from fiddly-ness. His back plates are supposed to open up, but doing so would hinder his movement at the shoulders. There’s also fiddly-ness in the feet. He’s got nicely large and articulated pointy feet, and you can use his dino front legs for extra support, but getting it all juuuust right can be a bit more trouble than you’d want though. Overall, his articulation and fiddly-ness issues are mostly nitpicky, since the overall package is pretty good. Not great, but still good.

Accessories-wise, he comes with a Battleth and can theoretically be plugged onto his back in robo-Stego mode for extra plating, but in practice… can’t. But as a Battleth it’s pretty cool, because it’s a gosh darn Battleth. Also, a spiked mace which integrates into both his modes extremely well.

End of the day, Snarl’s a really solid entry into your AoE Dinobots collection. Individually, he’s a good toy. There are worse and there are better. But overall I’d give AoE Snarl a thumbs up.


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