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Gundam Build Fighters #5

November 5, 2014

granIt took me awhile to warm up to the original Gundam Build Fighters, simply because it was Gundam. But I kept watching because it was oddly charming. GBF Try’s been a solid sequel so far, but while this wasn’t a bad ep, it’s arguably the weakest so far.

It all boils down to the fact that this was an extremely Yugioh-ish episode.

And when I say Yugioh, I don’t actually mean Yugioh specifically, but rather all those other collectible/toy shows with themed groups of villains/teams and the annoying main enemy/rivals.

The lamest villain teams is a toss up between Team Free and what some have been calling Team Tacti-cool. Team Free is just that. A team of swimmers who walk around in nothing but their swimming trunks. They use nothing but underwater type Gundam and they train underwater. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, as they’re easy to mock, but they’re also kinda asinine. Team Tacti-cool’s a group of smart looking guys who have a tendency to stand in a slight pose so they’ve look at the action over their backs, because they’re “cool”.

While season 1 had admittedly embarassingly otaku-ish enemies, this whole arrogant themed teams thing for this particular show, is just somewhat grating. The student council team is okay though, since their characters are fairly diverse.

Also, one thing GBF Try has had going for it so far is that it’s always made it’s matches exciting, either through choreography or just the use of music. This ep’s match was just utterly phoned in.

This was the ep where the side main characters showed off their new Gundams and where the main main character showed off the fruits of his training. Yuuma the sniper just Leeroy Jenkins because “oooh, my Gundam isn’t just for sniping anymore!”, but all he did was charge into the enemy ranks and do a missile spam. Fumina the all arounder’s was tolerable, since her seriously proportioned jet parts-formed into a SD Gundam in a nice super robot combination sequence. Finally, Sekai the main character’s bit was utter bullshit, but that’s forgivable because it was expected. The main pilot of Gundam’s typically a bullshitter anyways. Basically, he was shown that the weakness of his kenpo-base fighting style was that he couldn’t fight in space because he’d have nothing to brace against to add impact to his kicks and punches. So his “training” somehow let him walk… in space.

There’s also a few other negatives, such as the “Kaiba” types. Which I lack time to expand on in this post. The point is, yeah, we’ve had hints of these guys for awhile. But seeing them in action just drives the point home how LBX-y/Yugioh-y/Beyblade-y this new team based setup for GBF Try is.

There ARE a few good points, mostly in the tributes. For instance, the team that Team Tryhard Fighters fight are a tribute to Mado King Granzort. If memory serves me correctly, that was a show where these kids summoned big giant heads that then transform into robots. Anyways, the team they’re fighting have the same color scheme and weapon associations as those in Granzort. Hell, one of the pilots is a fat kid in green clothing, which is what drives home that this was totally a Granzort reference. And there’s other blink and you’d miss it references too. So that’s cool.

Finally, the lead rival girl they faced a couple episodes back makes her return in this ep, but she’s drawn all chubby like. Err, sorry, she was originally drawn to be chubby, which was cool, but she’s an outright fatty in this ep. It’s just kinda weird how much weight she’s put on in 2 episodes. Is this a case of inconsistency or are the animators embracing the fat fetish that’s popped up since her debut? Probably the former, but it’s kinda amusing anyways.

So yeah, in conclusion, this ain’t a BAD ep per se, but the main match being phoned in just draws your attention allows your attention to wander over to all the lame tropes that pepper this episode. If the main fight was cool, it mighta drawn our attention away from said lame tropes.

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