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Hearthstone 2014/10/23: Kel’Thuzad Konquest

October 22, 2014

kelpiezodSo I heard about this combo where you play as the Shaman class and you play Kel’Thuzad and then cast Reincarnate on him. Kelthy will resurrect any friendly minion who died at the end of each turn, where Reincarnate will “kill” a minion but bring it back to life. So since Kelthy technically died, he’ll be able to bring himself back to life, thereby giving you 2 Kel’Thuzads.

I’ve been messing with this combo and I’ve been able to sorta get it to work. The more I play, the more I’m able to bring about the right situation, but it’s sort of a one trick pony deck. Anyways, while I was waiting for the newest issue of IDW’s Transformers: Robots in Disguise, I decided to play a round to pass the time.

Here are the results…

…of a Perfect Storm.

The Kelthy + Reincarnate combo ain’t perfect. To be safe, you can’t play it until at least Turn 10, at which point, it may be too little, too late. I’ve won a few but I’ve also lost a few despite having multiple duplicates of Kelthy because by the time I get them out, my life’s already been whittled down. I get the combo out maybe half the time, but I still get beat half the time after I get the combo working.

But this particular match against a Mage? Well, it started normal enough. I got lucky in that I managed to put out some minions who grant me more cards (Mana Tide Totem & Gadgetzan Auctioneer) and the Mage couldn’t remove them right away.


Although I got the feeling the Mage was setting me up for a Flamestrike since Turn 5, there was nothing I could do. I had to commit my troops in order to ensure the Mage didn’t get board control. Sure enough, on Turn 7, the Mage wiped out my troops.

Luckily, I was able to instantly refill the board with a reasonably scary looking army.


Which the Mage promptly Flamestruck again. But that was a GOOD thing. Because now I knew the Mage had no more big AoE. My main concern was that the Mage would have Polymorph hidden away, but as I played against this opponent, I was reasonably certain that wouldn’t be the case. Sure enough, my opponent seemed to be more about some degree of aggro and pumping up damage dealing cards.

After that second Flamestrike, I fielded yet another “scary” army, which had one of the Thaddius brothers.


Just as I suspected, they were eliminated in short order via damaging effects. My opponent fielded an Illidan Stormrage whom I frogged with a Hex. By now, we were about to enter Turn 10, but to be safe, I had to play card with Overload to make sure Kelthy wouldn’t get removed right away. Overload cards make it so you have less mana the next Turn, so I’d have to wait an extra Turn before I could drop the combo. This extra Turn before I could play the Kel’Thuzad + Reincarnate combo allowed my opponent to wipe out my army yet again. And THAT was the perfect storm for ME.

If you look at the screencaps above, I had enough to do the Kelthunation Kombo since Turn 5; by Turn 7, I even got a Faceless Manipulator at the ready, which would let me make a copy of my own Kel’Thuzad. Alrighty then, let the Konquest Kommence!


Turn 11, I play the combo. My opponent plays an Archmage but fumbles by wasting time killing just one of the Kel’Thuzads, who naturally gets resurrected right away.


I then copied one of the Kelthies with a Faceless Manipulator, so I’d have 3 on the field. I had the 2 active Kelthies take out the Archmage but I flubbed and reincarnated the Faceless Manipulator Kelthy rather than one of the damaged Kelthies. Why? Because I was tired, I was excited to get the combo out and because I was STUPID. Oh well.


Regardless, my Turn ended and I found myself with 6 Kelthies on board.


In response, my opponent casts Blizzard, which not only froze all of them, but also lowered their HP to possibly vulnerable levels. While I knew that my opponent had no more Flamestrikes, I also knew that it wasn’t inconceivable to wipe out my entire legion with a well place AoE combo pumped up by various minions…

So I killed one of my Kelthies myself, resulting in a board of 7 Kelthies, with 2 of said Kelthies at full health.


So yeah, my opponent conceded and I won.

I present to you, the Perfect Storm:


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