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While Landon’s away, the mascots will play…

October 20, 2014

…with plasticrack (news). Yeah, since Landon is a doof who is refusing to exist at this time, I’mma gonna do another toy post. But it’s something youse ah-nee-meh fans might like, so click on this here

Figma (prototype)

S.H. Figuarts

Don’t worry, it’s been a few years, she’s totally legal by now. She’s probably just stuck in a perpetually childish body, ala Baby Doll from Batman. Li Syaoran’s probably still a putz too.

Aaaanyways. Let’s compare a prototype with a preview shall we?

Oh wait, before I do, just as a fyi for those of youse who don’t know who dis is, it’s Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. Before Pretty Cure and before Nanoha, but more pedophilliacally creepy than the whole Sailormoon x Tuxedo Mask thing (because CCS is from CLAMP, duh), Sakura’s THE magical girl. She’s been out of the limelight for awhile now, so the announcement for her toy(s) is arguably the biggest thing since Figma Lum. Okay, onto my impressions of the toy based on these available pics.


Max Factory’s Figma have traditionally trumped Figuarts in terms of female characters. They’ve basically got the whole female anime character thing down to a tee. The Figma version seems to have a noticeably frillier/frumpier underskirt thingy. Not to mention it comes with Sakura’s “Windy” foot wings thingy. Meanwhile, Kero’s just floating around in a slumpy slacker pose. It also looks like he can stand without the need of outside support due to the way his tail just loops around his standing level. But wait, there’s more! Lookit the second pic, and you’ll see that the Figma version is also able to place her staff between her legs, which is yet another signature pose. In all likelihood, this means that the Figma’s skirt is articulated (a closer examination of the first pic confirms this), allowing it to split open. This might be the reason for the extra frothiness of her skirt, in order to better camoflauge the breaks during the pose.

The Figma joint tends to stand out, especially in protos. You can see sticking out rather noticeably in the proto pics, but in person, the joints tend to not be an issue. So I wouldn’t hold it against the figure.

However, the Figma’s wings seem to be somewhat pointier than is strictly show/model accurate and while I don’t doubt that it’ll come with extra faces, it seems to be using a standard Figma face, thus it lacks that slightly squishy derpy face that Sakura and other “cute” CLAMP girls have.

S.H. Figuarts
Where Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts tend to lose to Figma in the female characters department, they tend to win in terms of more armored designs ala Kamen Rider. They also tend to have a more solid feel and have better articulation.

We’re kinda in a Five Freaky Friday Nights at Freddy’s situation though, ’cause Figuarts Sakura seems to be the slightly more accurate of the two versions. Her wings are more rounded and her faces seem more bespoke, which is to say, they have that weird squished placement/proportion thing going, but that’s a good thing! Also, her hair split thing right beneath the hat, splits both directions. Giving her a more roachy look. Again, that’s a good thing.

Her joints are more conventional, so there’s not much to talk about in this department, but I thought I’d mention it since I was talking about the Figma joints above.

Figuarts Sakura’s skirt doesn’t seem to be articulated though. So there won’t be a visible seam issue. It also means that her underskirt is less frilly than the Figma’s. Overall, this portion of her’ll look a tad better, but of course, it means the loss of the ability to strike her signature staff riding pose.

And the winner is…

Surprisingly, in this instance, the Figuarts version seems like it’ll be the better looking of the two. Especially if you plan to just stand her on a shelf. The Figma is surprisingly the more poseable version, so if you have all your figures in poses, she might be the way to go. I think the Figuarts version is generally better looking/more accurate though. On balance, both have their place in your collection…


There’s one thing I didn’t mention in the Figuarts portion and that one thing is to me, the game changer. If you can only get either the Figma or the S.H. Figuarts version of Cardcaptor Sakura… go Fig… guarts. S.H. Figuarts is our winner here folks.

Why go for the S.H. Figuarts version? Duh! Ain’t it obvious?



Look at him! With his teensy-Rex arms on his sides like some mighty majestic manticore mascot, masterfully manipulating magical midgets magnificently.

Bottom line, the Figma seems to move better while the Figuarts looks better, but Figuarts Kero turns the tide.

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  1. October 21, 2014 1:20 PM

    Recently I’ve been becoming more and more open to the idea of buying a figurine. I don’t have any interest in Card Captor Sakura figurines or other magical girls for that matter (even if I did, I wouldn’t have the balls to buy them), but I’ve been eying some superhero statues. Especially the glorious solid form of Wonder Woman. Have you ever done a review of superhero statues?

    • October 21, 2014 8:09 PM

      Alas, I don’t do statues. I like being able to move my dol-action figures and statues do tend to be pretty pricey. Which Wonder Woman are you looking at? The Bishoujo Statue line?

      • October 21, 2014 9:02 PM


        And also this:

        But if you look at the face from the right angle, it looks kinda off, so I’m not sure:

        And I doubt I’d actually end up buying these any time soon. Maybe someday though.

        • October 21, 2014 10:01 PM

          First one’s nice, though the eyes seem a tad derpy to me. Also, that whole visible seam thing on her left arm… Also, her cape’s attached rather weirdly. I guess it’s based on some comic design, but it’s still pretty weird.

          Yeah, the next couple are from the Bishoujo line of statues. Word of advice, the comics based on these are somewhat terrible. The art’s inconsistent and rather ugly.

          How do you find the designs from Injustice? Bandai’s doing a buncha Injustice figures in their Figuarts line. Those tend to look pretty darn good and are articulated to boot. There’s no Wonder Woman yet, but it’s a matter of time.

          I ask this because of the statues you’re showing me, aside from the Bishoujo, they don’t seem that… erm, “perfect”. While they’re good, they seem kinda “middle end”, since they seem to have in terms of eye paint apps or visible seams. I’m guessing if you want a REALLY good Wondy, you’d have to shell out for some super duper high priced maquette. the alternative would be to shell out for an “upper-middle end” action figure with the same level of detail as the “middle end” statues.

          I’m not sure what prices the Bishoujos go for but I’m guessing you might luck out on flea market searches or online sales with ’em. They look pretty good and seem to be relatively mass produced, so getting ’em for a discounted price is not outside the realm of possibility.

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