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Hasbro Transformers Thrilling Thirty “Generations” Deluxe (Beast Machines/IDW) Tankor

October 20, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Transformers… maybe a tad too much. The original cartoon had the “it” factor. Then came the horribly awful Japanese Headmasters (which I watched dubbed, hence the horrible-ness on top of the awful), after which was the pretty decent Masterforce and then the admittedly rather good Victory. Eventually we got Beast Wars, which I personally never cared for, but finally, we had Beast Machines, wherein I gave the “Beastie-verse” another try and it turned out, yeah, Beast Machines was pretty good. There are those who said Beast Machines was terrible, but they’re full of shit. Anyways, one of my favorite designs/characters in Beast Machines was Tankor. And after aboot 20 years, we’re finally getting a toy of him.


I mean, there was the original toy of him, but it wasn’t exactly accurate to the TV show version. Then they released a “Tank Drone” toy that was actually pretty close. But that was technically a toy of his minions. Thus, this Hasbro Transformers Thrilling Thirty “Generations” Deluxe (Beast Machines/IDW) Tankor is the first actual toy that attempts to be an accurate representation of Beast Machines Tankor… well, either that or the IDW comics “Fat” Tankor, but we don’t talk about Fat Tankor (Srsly, that’s what they call him. He’s not even actually fat… because he’s a robot).

So yeah, anyways, onto the review of the actual toy. Show accuracy in both Robot and Vehicle modes is spot-on. I’ve been checking up on whatever screenshots of the show that I could find and this Tankor is actually pretty slavish to the TV design. It’s a good thing that they decided to devote the slavish attention to this character/design too, since the other designs on the show are… not always pleasant.


Paint-wise, Tankor has a decent amount of paint. But like most Transformers, the majority of his colors come from the casted plastic. Unfortunately, Tankor’s color scheme mostly consist of a certain tone of light blue, which has the effect of giving the impression that he’s unpainted/unfinished and kind of muddles he detail of the sculpt. He actually has a decent amount of paint for a Transformers toy, but that tone of blue reminds us that Transformers toys are mostly unpainted.


Sculpt-wise, like I said earlier, he’s quite slavish to the original TV design. He even has the buzzsaws on his forearms (and the gloriously shameless & BLATANT head just sitting atop his vehicle mode). Some have noted that he’s very hollow. These people, like those who said Beast Machines was terrible, are also full of shit. I mean, yes, technically his torso’s hollow, but so’s like, 70% of all Transformers toys. The important thing is how well that hollowness is hidden. Some toys just draw your attention to the gaping void that is the temple that is their body, but others, like with Tankor here, you don’t really notice at all. What you do notice is that there’s a couple of gaps that reveal his sexy robot hips in vehicle mode. That’s a bit of a minus, but nothing I can’t live without.

Another criticism I read of Tankor is that he’s short. Well, that I can’t defend too much. He is short for a Deluxe. He’s about as tall as an old Basic or Scout figure. Which isn’t too short compared to a modern Deluxe, but it’s still quite noticeable. You’re not getting skimped on in terms of plastic though. While Tankor may be short, he’s also pretty wide and generally husky. He’s not going to tower over your Beast Wars toys though. Which to be fair, would require him to be about 2 feet tall to be in scale. But you know who he CAN tower over? Your Legends guys. From Cyberverse Commanders to Legions, Tankor fits in pretty well.


Finally, articulation. Tankor’s got plenty of it. That is all.

In conclusion, Tankor’s a pretty good toy. I personally like him a lot; not because he’s based on a character I like or a design I find tolerable, but because this merely tolerable design translates to a pretty unique toy in our current toyscape. He’s got grabby claw hands with gorilla proportion arms, a non-descript face that’s a nice break from the Bay-verse jagged junkpile “faces” and he’s both different enough to be interesting and generic enough that he doesn’t seem out of place. You can put him into virtually any collection, even your 1:18th scale peeps and he’d fit right in.

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