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G-On Riders #1

October 7, 2014

gonI was recently reminded of G-On Riders. It used to be an anime I really liked. So I decided to give it a bit of a revisit. I couldn’t find the torrent, but it’s available on YouTube if you search for it.

Released in 2002, let’s see if it still holds up shall we?

Well, what’s G-On Riders anyway? It’s pretty much a cheesecake anime with a focus (ha-ha) on the whole glasses fetish thing. It was the kind of show that was never gonna top any “best of” list (except maybe mine) and its ilk tended to feel “lazy”, since it’s not particularly highbrow.

But y’know what? I remember really liking it and finding it super funny or whatever back when. So let’s take a look with cynical new eyes shall we?

Having rewatched the first episode on the ‘Tube, I gotta say, in some ways, it really holds up well. Funnily enough, the most “aged” thing is how it treated fanservice. Landon’s mentioned before that he’s not into fanservice that makes you feel “creepy/voyeuristic”, and truth be told, I never quite “got” that. I mean, I got it, but until I rewatched G-On Riders, I think I probably didn’t “get” it for realsies.

You see, the fanservice in G-On Riders is really blatant. It’s very much cheesecake. One of the first things we see is the main girl falling into a pond, resulting in a fish getting into her shirt. The flailing fish causes her boobs to jiggle. And one of the gags later on is when a couple of the G-On Riders get entrapped in… well, basically, a semen-like adhesive. But it’s done in a way that you gotta call cheesecake. It’s not necessarily humor, although there’s some funniness to it, but at least it doesn’t make you feel like a mouth breathing deviant for watching it. It’s “innocent” sexploitation. You might feel embarassed to get caught watching G-On Riders’ fanservicey parts, but you wouldn’t feel like you’d get thrown in prison for it.

As for the rest of the show, it all holds surprisingly well. Some of the jokes might seem a tad cliché for current times, but I know that as the series progresses, said jokes are gonna evolve.

The villains also remind us of a purer form of “moe”. Again, the kind of “moe” here is humorous and innocent, as opposed to modern moe which has a tendency to be more or less indistinguishable from pedophilia (or just plain rape bait, ala Mikuru from the Melancholy of Haruhi).

Finally, the ending song is the kinda earworm that the moment I heard it again after all these years, just gets stuck in my head all over again.

So, if you’re waiting for anime that doesn’t suck and you’ve an open mind, why not check out G-On Riders whilst you wait for the weekly updates? Like I said, you can find ’em (the English subs, ignore dubs methinks) on YouTube.


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