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Rainbow Rocks clip

August 10, 2014

So, apparently EQG2 is coming out on September 27th 2014. This here’s another teaser clip, featuring the presumably new villainesses, the Dazzlings. A group consisting of Adagio Dazzle and her minions, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk. Those are some pretty good names.

But I gotta say, the main reason I’m talking about this is for the song. I love it. Sure, they turn it into a villain song by talking about how it doesn’t matter if you hurt others just so long you’re the best and a couple other bits like that, but essentially, this song promotes a Darwinistic “the strong should stand above the weak” and says that you don’t HAVE to be a commie drone like Twilight’s party’s propaganda proposes.

It also amuses me that the baddies are basically the Monster High girls.

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  1. August 11, 2014 3:50 PM

    I super disliked Equestria Girls. Turning the ponies into thin humanoids kind of makes the characters less interesting and fun to watch. The story was on level with the worse episodes of the TV series, with the added displeasure of the humanification of the ponies. Those short arms and long legs make them look like a line of Barbie dolls. I’d prefer a damn gender-bending episode over that. Flutterguy, Rainbro Dash, Twilight Sprunkle (can’t really work with her name), Manity and Jack Apple doing funny shit while seeking out how to lose their non-existent cartoon boners. Kind of like the one where they get weird transformations from that blue flower thing. Be better than Equestria Girls that’s for sure.

    I kind of hate myself because I still feel obligated to watch this as someone who likes MLP:FiM.

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