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New Avengers #22

August 7, 2014

xpoSo apparently the whole Great Society thing is totally over and done with. This issue of New Avengers sets things up for future conflict as past events are finally revealed to the relevant characters.

Of interesting note to myself is that Namor goes into a spiel about how the detonator worked, as if my criticisms of #21 were shared. Perhaps the editor or writer or whatever guy saw the design of the detonator and it crossed his mind that it didn’t seem to make much sense either, but it was too late to change the design or the imagery was too good. Either way, I just found it kinda amusing.

So, on this issue itself, it’s okay, I don’t have much to say about it. T’challa is bitching that Namor pressed the button when he (T’challa) couldn’t do it himself. This leads to some fighting between the two before Namor escalates the argument with a certain revelation. Thus, stuff is set up for the future as Namor and T’challa are currently irrevocably inconsolable.

Not that I particularly care. Sadly, New Avengers, like officially dropped from my reading list. The good news is, Superior Foes #14 came out and it’s a solid issue. I’ll hopefully get around to writing about it soon.

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