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Sorta Argevollen 03

July 18, 2014

No, this isn’t a proper Argevollen 03 post. In fact, we might never get Argevollen 03 here on Mecha Guignol. For one thing, Landon apparently hasn’t been watching it and for another thing, the first 50 seconds or so of this ep pissed me off. It was a slow burn. I didn’t realize it annoyed me to such an extent until I tried giving the episode a second chance, but yeah, it did.

See, I ain’t usually like Landon in that a bad finale ain’t necessarily gonna ruin the entirety of a series for me. Landon enjoyed Akuma no Riddle more than me, but I didn’t mind the ending too much. At least, not so much that it’d drop significantly from whatever rankings I might have. I tend to take a series as a whole rather than let one event ruin everything for me.

The following image illustrates why Argevollen 03 ticked me off:


Look, here’s the thing. If you’re a field commander in the middle of a war where you’re actively being chased down by enemy forces and you’re pretty sure you’re just following the orders of a renegade officer; and your second-in-command is telling you that “something strange” is happening at a place called Gate of No Fucking Retreat, you don’t go “I see” and then stare off into the sky as the opening credits play.

No, you ask “What is it?”. You don’t ever go full K-On!!. And Argevollen 03? You just went full K-On!!.

I blame K-On!! for anime sucking for the last 4 years or so due to the oversaturation of anime consisting of girls talking about the absolutely most inane topics ever while behaving like creepy dykes. “Oooh, you’re so cute! Here, wear these cat ears and be all submissive-like” <- So yeah, "creepy dykes" wasn't insensitive, merely accurate.

See, Argevollen's not that good to begin with, but it had some nice things going for it. Primarily the very turn based war strategy game feel to it, oh, and the mech designs. But acting all K-On!! not only tipped the scales, it caused the scale to fall over.

So yeah, here's me dropping Argevollen. *bink* <- That's the sound of Argevollen being dropped.


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  1. July 20, 2014 8:29 PM

    K-On!! has ruined another anime watcher.
    I am glad that I have watched just a few episodes of this devious anime.

    • July 20, 2014 8:50 PM

      K-On! was actually decent. It had some moderately good gags and the songs were major earworms. There was also a bit of character growth. It just lacked the “mean”-factor from the likes of Azumanga Daioh. It was Azumanga-lite.

      But K-On!! took all the bad points of K-On! and just exacerbated it. It teased and teased and never delivered on the songs, and even when there was music, it simply wasn’t as catchy as the first season’s. And it just focused HARD on the whole cake eating and “I’m a girl, so I can act all creepy towards a little girl and it’s all alright! But we know who I REALLY am, don’t we? *wink*”. <- in case it's not clear, she's YOU, the creepy otaku who give otaku a bad name.

      Aaaanyways, its damn popularity just ruined the landscape of anime. I blame it for the moepocalypse. I won't blame it for mediocrity, since mediocrity has always existed, but it did usher a new type of mediocrity. One that's high on banality. And for that, it deserves to get a new season called K-On!!!: Endless Eight. And then it should be revealed the voice actresses are not virgins. Yeah, that'll kill the franchise.


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