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Sabagebu! 02

July 14, 2014

mokarinOh my gosh, is this the start of a consistent weekly anime blog thingy rather than sporadic ranting and attempted trolling? Maaaaaybe.

Sabagebu!’s got a good format going, I hope it’ll continue with the whole “survival game” thing. As much fun as their non-survival game lives may be, it’s kinda like Ben-To or all manner of Tokusatsu, you gotta have that bit of action slotted in.

Anyways, naturally, the big comparison with Sabagebu is gonna be with Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka c3-bu. But unlike said series, I actually rather dig the main character. In Stella, the main character, Yura, was a puss at the start but grew more confident toward the end of the series. Ultimately, she wussed out on murdering her roomie. Thereby never ascending to full Sith-hood. Sabagebu’s main character, Momoka, on the other hand, is deliciously ruthless from the get go. Momoka is what Yura should have been by the end of Stella.

Without making any spoilers, because Landon’s in Albania NY right now, I’ll say that Sabagebu’s got some decent to actually good gags. It’s entertaining, though not mindblowing. That said, like Ben-To, the action scenes in the third act raises it from mediocrity to super fun time.

I also dig how they insist that all the “effects” are simply just the imagination of the girls, but then once they get “out of character”, you can see evidence to the contrary. For instance, Momoka shoots one of the girls through the forehead. But once the game’s over and the victim gets up, you can still see the blood spewing from the exit wound on the BACK of her head.

With that in mind, I’m gonna say that either the girls are all reality warpers like Yura, OR, zombies. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Oh, and the double gag at the end of ep 2 was predictable, but still pretty darn cool.

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