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Argevollen 02

July 12, 2014
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G3Another average but tolerable ep. Again, I liked it because I’m into the whole turn based strategy thing, and so far the show certainly feels like a strategy RPG in terms of story.

Most of the episode is wasted on the “tutorial”. The super mech is imprinted on the first pilot, which means only our idiot main character guy can pilot it. Meanwhile, the entire plot is held up because the main girl is literally… well, I use the word “retarded” a lot, but I can’t think of another word for her.

Basically, the mech works by you envisioning what you want it to do. Not by pulling levers or pressing buttons. It took her an entire episode to remember this. As an audience member who has seen his fair share of shows and played quite a few games, this was fucking obvious, thus making her inability to remember such a simple fact all the more frustrating.

It’s okay for the soldiers to not “get” this, since it’s pretty sci-fi for their technological level, but gosh dang girl; how the super mech works is probably stated in the firt sentence of the presentation. While developing this mech, everybody probably talked about the revolutionary system where you just have to think about what you wanna do and the super mech will do it, like, all the flippin’ time. I get that the character apparently has short term memory problems but that’s just force feeding an element of stupidity solely to halt the progress of the plot.

Anyways, what I did dig are the “villains”. The enemy soldiers are basically showned to be not that bad so far. In fact, the trio of guys who were chasing our heroes not only all looked different but had a bit of banter going between them. It woulda been nice if they had actual names rather than codenames, but eh.

I’m not dumping Argevollen yet, but it’s not something I’d recommend to anyone else at this point.

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