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Summer Round-Up Stuff: Part 2

July 9, 2014

aldnoahGiven that there isn’t all that much I’m interested in checking out this season, this might be the last of these round-up things for now. We’ll see and stuff.


For the most part, this was pretty dry and typical. Alien invaders and school kids and explosions and stuff. Hardly terrible and hardly exciting. But there are some things going on in here that have my attention.

So humans found some Stargate on the Moon. Then aliens appear and claim said Stargate. Apparently these aliens are also human and claim that they originated on Earth or something, right? And right there in the title we have NOAH, right? So I’m right in assuming that these aliens are probably the descendants of the humans who got on some Noah’s Ark equivalent way back in pre-history, and said Ark was actually a space ship that left Earth due to some biblical-scale flood/disaster/whatever. We’re dealing with 1) Ancient Alien Shit or 2) Ancient, Long-Lost High Technology Shit.

It’s a hook that’s done its job, at least with me. It could all turn to shit, or worse, be utterly mediocre, but at least it has my attention.

And yeah, I did laugh at that bit at the end of the episode where the kids were wishing upon “stars” that were actually ultra mega death space drill fortresses that nuked New Orleans.

ghoulTokyo Ghoul

The same kinda goes for Tokyo Ghoul. It has a neat premise, what with the cannibal monsters lurking just behind the shadows and whatnot, but that first episode just didn’t quite do it. There wasn’t much tension in what should have been a neat horror set-up. The gore wasn’t visceral enough to be fun in that sort of gross-out way. The hints at intrigue between the various cannibal monsters didn’t really pique my interest.

For a show that’s all about peeps eating other peeps and fighting about it and stuff, it was all kinda ho-hum. I’ll give it another episode or two, since cannibalism is awesome and stuff, but I just ain’t feeling it.

sailormoonSailor Moon Crystal

I dig Sailor Moon. I watched it on Toonami. I scheduled my breaks at my old pizza joint arcade game room job to coincide with when it aired in the afternoons. I got ragged on by RPG nerds for wearing a Sailor Moon t-shirt back in the day. Despite me not really loving any given part of it all that much, it probably should be in my Top 50 for being something that’s really lingered in my mind long after watching it. So I was kinda hyped about seeing this new adaptation.

It ain’t bad. It has all the same charm I remember from the 9os version, just with the more manga-friendly character designs. Hearing people talk about the differences between the manga and said original adaptation, I sounds like I might not dig this one as much as the old one, since a lot of the wacky hijinks seem to be anime original things, but that’s alright. If they’re gonna retread this thing, they may as well focus on the version of the story I’m the least familiar with.

The cg transformation sequences, though? Damn they’re ugly. Really damn ugly. I guess that’s what the kiddie’s expect or something, what with all those Precures and whatever else. They like that creepy cg magical girl dancing shit. Poor kids.

I kind wish Luna had an older-sounding voice. She really needs to sound more condescending when she’s talking to Usagi. Put that girl and the other magical girls in their place. They gotta know that magical pets outrank them in that hierarchy.

Also: You know what? I forgot about stuff like that one about terrorist bomber high school dudes and a couple of other series starting later in the month. I’ll probably do one more of these things.

Also Also: The first episode of the new season of Space Dandy was awesome.

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  1. July 10, 2014 2:55 AM

    I feel like a “one-shot” episode with Emo Dandy, “Myah” and the really-a-human-pretending-to-be-a-robot QT could be pretty great. It could go into some really weird territories, even by Space Dandy standards.

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