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July 5, 2014
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beardmanSo I’ve watched the first episode of Argevollen. Since Landon will probably never watch it, I’ll do my in-depth on it.

Story-wise, it’s your typical “We’re in a war and a hot-headed private from the losing side gets ahold of a super mech”. That’s it. That’s the entire episode. The first fifth of the ep’s devoted to telling us that the losing nation is run by rich and incompetent leaders while the second to forth fifths’ just to emphasize how much of an asshole the main character is. Final fifth is just the Super Mech Argavollen showing off its stuff.

At this point, there’s absolutely no reason to watch this show in terms of story or character interaction. The overall story is generic, although as a fan of turn based war strategy games, I kinda like it. But really, if there’s any reason to watch this show it’s just to admire the Front Mission 1-esque mech designs. Generally speaking, I dig the mech designs.

I’d be willing to watch another episode or two. But Argevollen ain’t no show I’d recommend to anyone else at this juncture.


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