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Character Creation Part 1

July 3, 2014

penunSo I was reading Landon’s thingy which you can see on the side of this blog alongside his twitter thingy. And he was talking about the site that we used to go to. Which was a character creation/competitive fiction site. It was a site that let you create superheroes by writing up the origin, then taking and explaining a bunch of powers from a list. Your character would then be pitted against writer’s character and the winner was decided by votes. As the writers on the site matured, it shifted focus from superheroes and wacky ideas to being more about writing good shit. Genuinely well written, creative or even legitimately funny characters tended to win more often than not.

A dream I’ve had for years was to have my own version of that site. Perhaps once finances permit, I can make that dream a reality eh? But anyways, I felt the writing bug and so, was working on a character in my head. Rather than just doing up and posting the character, I thought I’d go through the creative process here. At the end of which, I’d have to compile all these ideas and post the character here on MG.

So first up, I wanted to create a character that Landon would get a kick out of. ThreeDark as well, but since this is Mecha Guignol, I wanted to play to Landon’s fetishes more. And since one of his fetishes are nuns, I’ve went around searching for nun pics to act as inspiration. I found one and thus, edited it to both differ from it’s original colors and to fit the 200 x 200 format that the FPL used (this is why MG pics are generally 200×200 & tend to focus on character profiles… I reckon).

So, we have the picture, so let’s start things off with the name. Since she’s obviously a fighting type, Nun Chuck popped in my head. So the character’s name will be Sister Charlotte (Charlotte as in the feminine to Charlie as in Chuck).

Since she’s obviously a fighter, I decided to link her to an old character/concept that Landon and I made, here:

She was his creation, but I gave the idea for the Jesus-Fu. Basically, I was thinking, how did Jesus lug around that big ol’ crucifix? The dude dragged it across town whilst being thrown stuff at. The answer was that Jesus was a practitioner of martial arts. And his healing of the sick was actually the use of pressure points. Jesus was basically a practitioner of Hokuto no Ken.

Anyways, in the context of Sister Charlotte, she belongs to an Order of the Church that carried on the martial teachings of Christ. The deal was that these “Divine Arts” that were conveyed unto Jesus, are in fact, the martial arts practiced by the Heavenly Hosts, for the final showdown at the End of Times, when Heaven and Hell would go to war. So it’s a style that emphasizes the killing of immortals such as demons, but in a mass battle situation. It has relatively little ground game because it’s expected that you’d be surrounded by warriors, so you wouldn’t be wrestling on the ground too much. Someone standing above you will probably interfere if you’re in such a prone position.

The style’s pretty much Hokuto no Ken.

Meanwhile, back on mundane mortal Earth, the Order (I need a name for this Order) has been using these Divine Arts (need a name for this martial art, Crucifist is punny but I want something more “straight”) to battle and kill the legions of hell that walk our plane. Not just demons, but vampires, dragons, chupacabras and other assorted “mythical” creatures. In fact, they’re partly why we don’t see mythical creatures walking about much anymore.

Since these Earth-based situations tend to be on a smaller scale, over the years, the style’s changed to incorporate more holds and submissions. After all, if you’re fighting a creature of the night that’s way stronger than you, you’ve gotta use “softer” methods if you wanna survive. Basically, no holds barred style mixed martial arts, but y’know, for things that go bump in the night.

Is it the ultimate unbeatable fighting style? No. But it’s pretty effective in a real situation and there’s a lot of cheaty celestial cheapness to it. In that “pressure point” attacks seem to actually work when done by a “Crucifist” practitioner.

Anyways, will all this info even get mentioned when I write up Sister Charlotte? Probably not. But it’s not a bad thing to have this background info as you write.

Now, we haven’t even got into Sister Charlotte’s actual bio yet. Like where she came from? What are her motivations? That sorta thing. But we’ll get to that inna bit. Let’s talk about some preliminary powers we might be taking for this character. The system that the old site used to use was actually based on that old Marvel RPG. But err, well, I don’t have the list available to me right now.

But suffice to say, I’ll probably take Martial Arts and Martial Supremacy among the powers that Sister Charlotte will have. Martial Arts is as the name suggests. In the old system, you could take several levels of Martial Arts, indicating how many different MA you knew. Like how they used to brag that Batman knew multiple forms of MA. In the newest version before the site died, you only had to take 1 level of MA to indicate a competence or even mastery. How crazy good you are would be represented with other powers.

Martial Supremacy basically allowed you to do crazy shit. It was one of the more overpowered powers of the old site. Higher levels of MS let you do Wire-Fu or even Hokuto no Ken stuff. You had to take a “Skill” like Martial Arts before you could buy Martial supremacy though.

Well, I’ve written quite a bit. Lotta ramblin’ thoughts. So let’s take a break for now. Hopefully some of y’all enjoyed this. I’ll probably “cheat” a little in terms of being true to the system used by the old site. But by the end of this, hopefully we’ll have a somewhat fleshed out character that we’ll write some short stories on. Drop your thoughts.

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