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Best Megatron(s) Part 1

June 30, 2014

meggySo now that Toys & Other Plasticrack is its own thing on Mecha Guignol, I’m hoping/planning on doing quite a few more toy reviews and discussions. With ThreeDark onboard, presumably primarily focusing on games, theeeere’s yer regular content. I’ll try to write about stuff based on properties from ye olde Nippon, but yeah, I’ll still talk about imperialist pig-dog western intellectual properties as well.

Anyways, our topic today is Megatron. You know Megatron yes? The generally EVIL leader of the EVIL Decepticons from the Transformers franchise, which is usually about the battle between the good guy Autobots and their EVIL Decepticon counterparts. EVILEVILEVIL!

I’m gonna discuss chronologically, some (if not most) of the Megatron toys that’ve been released over the years. A few exemptions though. A) While the original Generation 1 Megatron was a cool gun toy; as a product of it’s era, the robot mode obviously doesn’t hold up to current standards. So he’s out. B) No Beast Wars Megatron (with technically one exception). C) Nothing from before the year 2000 (which technically, covers A) as well, but G1 Megs deserves a special mention anyway). Four, no non-transforming or 3rd party stuff (with one exception). 5) i.e. E) No Galvatrons (with some leeway in regards to when Megsy gets repainted into Galvy).

Also, some jargon. A toy that’s been repainted is said to have been given a redeco. While one that’s been altered is said to have been given a retool.

Welp, without further ado, I present to you:

Robots in Disguise Megatron
Otherwise known as RiD Megatron. Okay, some backstory. Just a little, certainly not enough to kill ya.

In Japan, they came out with a Transformers anime called Car Robots. In that one, the main baddie was named Gigatron, who would later power-up to become Devil Gigatron. The original Gigatron toy has 6 different modes, while the Devil Gigatron toy is a redecoed and slightly retooled version of that toy, so that it could achieve 10 modes.

When the anime was adapted into a cartoon for the capitalist west, Gigatron was renamed to Megatron (Devil Gigatron’s obviously Galvatron). But the mold for Megatron (and Galvatron) was the one used for Devil Gigatron. So the Hasbro version of Megs is categorically better than the original Takara version. Suckit, toy weaboos!

So onto the toy itself. As a robot, it’s a fairly big and impressive toy. It’s about the size of a large “Voyager” by today’s standards. It’s got good articulation and some of its many alternate modes even look half-decent to pretty good. Naturally, the rest look like crap.

The plastic used to make this guy feels pretty sturdy, but they also put a bunch of chrome onto these toys, so after nearly 15 years, you’ll be hard pressed to find a PERFECT version of this toy. Flaking chrome’s gonna be an issue. If you’re OCD about that sorta thing, you might wanna spare yourself.

Otherwise, this is arguably one of the top entries into the Megatron pool, if only in terms of being a good toy. RiD Megatron has an imposing look, so it can be a Megatron, but he also looks so different that he doesn’t have to be the Megatron. Perhaps just a high ranking officer instead?

Armada Megatron
Armada (aka Micron Densetsu for the Japanese version) Megatron… you can skip. He’s big & beefy, looks cool and he’s got a lot of connection points for you to stick Minicons/Microns onto him, or even stick a big ass toy called Tidalwave (Shockwave in Micron Densetsu) onto him. Buuuuuut he has no knees. Aaaaaaand there’s gonna be a new version of him coming out in 2015. So yeah, give this a pass.

Energon Megatron
Known as Superlink Megatron in Japan, this is an adequate toy that’s got adequate articulation and adequately pleasing aesthetics, but it barely passes muster as an adequate Megatron. The Galvatron repaint is pretty much the way to go for the best Galvatron available right now though. This guy comes in both Ultra and Leader class sizes.

It’s not necessarily a bad toy that you should skip, but you’ll totally want it for the Galvatronniness of it, rather than its Megatronnisity.

Cybertron Megatron
Aka Galaxy Force Master Megatron in Japan. This Leader class toy, frankly looks like a clown in its Megatron incarnation. The Galvatron version where it’s all sexy shiny silver is where this is at.

A really nice triple-changer, he makes an awful Megatron. Much like RiD Megatron, get him for being a really good toy, but not as a Megatron. He works better as a “Herald of Unicron” or something than a Megatron. In fact, in the unofficial official backstory, this guy was Energon Megatron after putting on bits of Unicron onto himself. I say unofficial official because that’s the backstory as provided by press release, but it’s not really made mentioned in the actual fiction. Hell, the Galaxy Force anime was outright its own continuity, not a sequel to Energon/Superlink.

There’s also a Legends of Cybertron version of this guy, but those early Legends class toys suck.

Reverse Convoy
So you know how I said I’d be discussing this topic chronologically? I lied. Armada/Micron Densetsu ran in 2002-2003, Energon/Superlink ran 2004-2005 while Cybertron/Galaxy Force ran 2005-2006.

Reverse Convoy here came out in 2004, as part of the Robotmasters line (not to be confused with the Robot Masters or Robot Master… y’know, from Megaman and Marvel respectively).

Anyways, the backstory of this guy is basically that an Autobot scientist who looks uncannily like Optimus Prime if Optimus Prime turned into a blue tank, was meddling with the forces of SCIENCE and then got his soul devoured by Megatron.

Basically based on the old G2 Megatron toy, the gimmick here is that Reverse Convoy’s head and faction symbol can be flipped from Optimus Prime/Autobot into Megatron/Decepticon. Wherein he would then be known as Rebirth Megatron.

Articulation and overall sculpt detail is limited but not overly so, as was the norm with the Robotmasters line, but yeah, this is a Megatron that you’d want (but certainly don’t need), simply for the whole identity change gimmick.

So with that, we conclude Part 1 of this whole talking about Megatron toys post thingy on an anime site where toy enthusiast don’t visit thingy.

You’ve been edjumacated yo!

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