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Hearthstone Report (June 20th, 2014)

June 19, 2014

hearthNo, I’m not posting this to gloat. In fact, I’ve been on a losing streak. So much so that I have a feeling I was dropped down whatever invisible brackett Hearthstone employs. Again, I’ve no idea how the whole “opponent of similar skill” thing works. I presume there’s an invisible win/loss stat involved.

Nor will these be full reports. Yes, plural, for while I’ve been on a losing streak, I did manage to get 2 wins in a row before I logged off. Both times were notable for… well, you’ll see after the jump.

So there I was, I’ve beaten all the Expert AI and I got all my classes to level 10. Which also meant that I’ve got 100 wins in Practice mode. All of which rewarded me with some gold to purchase some packs. I got a couple good ones for what I hope to eventually do with my Paladin, but otherwise, it’s been meh cards for me. My Paladin’s not nearly where I want ’em either.

So anyways, I go to play in Play mode, since every 3 wins there awards 10 Gold. I then proceeded to get my ass repeatedly handed to me. Some were somewhat good fights, but generally, it was brutal.

I haven’t been getting any decent draws lately. When I first started Hearthstone, my games were smooth. Depending on the day, I lost 1/3 or 2/3 of the time, but the draws tended to be good. I’d get low-cost cards early on, mid-cost in mid-game and high-cost during end-game. But for the last couple days, I kept getting some pretty bad draws. Spells and high-cost units at the start and low-cost units just not appearing at all. At first I thought the game was “cheating” because this came up once I started going for the Expert AI. I figured the game was “fixing” the distribution of the decks. But nein, I kept getting pretty bad draws even in Play mode.

So yeah, I’m not kick ass, I’m ass kicked.

But then this happened (opponents are always at the top of the screen):


I was actually mostly in control of this game. Although that’s no excuse to relax just yet. As you can see from my hand, I only had 1 low-cost unit that I’ve been saving up and never got the chance to use. I’ve had very few low cost units, which was why the guy managed to get me down to 15 health while he’s at near full health.

But generally speaking, I’ve managed to minimized the damage. I managed to wipe most of his guys out and got my Gurubashi Berserker out and doubled his HP from 7 to 14 with a Divine Spirit in the previous round. But as you can see, the other guy’s fielded and buffed up an army to take me out.

But then, Lady Luck finally smiled upon me, for I drew Inner Fire, which changes your Minion’s Attack score to equal their HP. And as it so happened, I had another Divine Spirit on hand. So… yeah, I doubled up the Gurubashi Berserker’s HP to 28, upped his Attack to the same, and game, set and match, yo.

The next game I had saw me getting my ass handed to me for the most part.


Same situation, I had nothing I could field. I kept getting high-cost stuff. And I assure you, I only have a few of those. The only reason he’s got less HP than the previous guy was because I Mind Blasted him early on. But that was pretty much my only offense outside of a single Novice Engineer strike. Meanwhile, the other guy was obviously getting ready to win when his turn came up next. Frankly, he could safely ignore my Gurubashi. Which in retrospect, was what he was doing.

But then, the same thing happened. Inner Fire came up and I had a spare Divine Spirit I was saving up.

Sweet sweet victory, was mine yet again.

Both wins, particularly that second one, were almost purely luck though. But a win’s a win, dawg.

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