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Age of Extinction: DX Strafe

June 5, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s Hasbro Transformers toy review is the Deluxe size class Strafe, whom we can see in the various trailers leading up to the Trans4mers movie. This is not only a super accurate toy of a Pair-a-dactyl, but that terrible pun I just made is probably, in all likelihood, the real and/or main reason we even have a two-headed Pteradactyl in the movie.

Strafe comes packaged in robot mode, so we’ll start from there.

First order of business are Strafe’s 2 tails. In order to fit ’em in nicely in the package, they were twisted and tied up in a curve. Being made of a soft, pliable and rubbery plastic, this means that Strafe’s tails are annoying more or less permanently curved. You’ll have to spend quite some time warping them in the other direction or using the hot water trick if you want the tails facing more or less straight. If you’re OCD to any degree (and if you’re a toy collector, then let’s face it, you are), this will bug the hell out of you.

But putting that aside, let’s go back to Strafe’s robot mode as a whole. Basically, I ain’t got no problem with it. It looks good. It has a wide variety of options on how you can pose the wings; be it folded up as a cape or spread out. He’s got a good number of articulation as befitting a modern Transformer toy and he even comes with quite a few accessories as far as Transformers go.

Strafe comes with a pressure launching crossbow that can be mounted on one of several points and a pair of sword-ish-tonfa thingies. Which like the crossbow, can also be mounted in a variety of locations on Strafe.

Unlike Slash, Strafe’s transformation is basic as all get out. He’s essentially doing a Batman “I am the night, I… am… BATMAN!” pose. However, the joints in his shoulders allow him to move his arms with his wings in all manner of directions. And this is a good thing that is sometimes overlooked in Pteradactyl transformers.

In Pair-a-dactyl mode, he’s a Pair-a-dactyl… laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

But stand him up all Were-Pair-a-dactyl-like, and suddenly we’ve got ourselves a Double Skesis. He’s got a Doublas M2 vibe from Mazinger Z, which I totally dig.

Strafe is overall, another good toy I’d recommend. There’s nothing wrong with him in either mode and he does look pretty cool in either mode. Value for money wise, his huge wingspan gives you a pretty decent plastic to dollar ratio.

Sure he’s gonna be in the movie, which is definitely a mark against him, but as a toy, Strafe’s pretty solid.

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