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Age of Extinction: DX Slash

June 3, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know Mecha Guignol is supposed to be an anime blog, but then again, Landon’s supposed to write and post stuff. Since he’s being a no good dirty slacker, I’ll be a no good dirty toy reviewer. And I’m not even gonna review a toy that’s even remotely anime related, like a S.H. Figuarts Pretty Cure or even an Ultra-Act Ultraman.

No, I’m gonna go full on anti-Japan/America-Fuck-Yeah with a Trans4mers toy. First up (because there may well be more of these) is Slash, a Deluxe class Velociraptor Dinobot, from Hasbro (natch).

The first thing you’ll notice with Slash are the stupid big round and angry eyes. This is not any less stupid in person. Next up you’ll notice his big stupid teeth, again, this is not diminished in person. Third, you’ll notice he has robo-feathers, which is actually pretty funny, ’cause ever since the original Jurrasic Park, paleo-NERDs have noted that a) Velociraptors probably had feathers and b) the Velociraptors in the movie were in no way even remotely accurate to Velociraptors. So it’s kind of neat that this toy gives a big “fuck you” to Stephen Spielberg by incorporating the feathers.

The tail and feathers are made of a soft rubbery plastic that I have absolutely no issues with.

Slash is a pretty articulated dinobot though. He’s got good leg movement and a lot of head posing potential due to the way the neck, lower and upper jaws work. He’s got balljointed shoulders, but with no elbows, he perpetually looks like he’s reaching out for some huggy-time.

All in all, once you get pass how stupid he looks at first glance, Slash is a pretty good dino overall. And you will be able to get pass the stupidity because by golly, the transformation is so beautiful, it’ll make you forgive him for just about anything.

The AoE Dinobots seem to take great pains to not transform the way previous Dinoformers do, and that’s a really good thing. I highly appreciate the effort put into designing/engineering this. Rather than having the robot mode pretty much be the dino mode standing up straight, here, Slash’s legs are his arms, his head and neck are his legs, and his belly ribcage (because this is a Michael Bay movie toy, so yeah, fuck anatomy) become his shoulder pauldrons.

In robot mode, the first thing you’ll notice is that Slash has a safety helmet. With all the other movie dinobots (except Grimlock of course), they kinda look like knights. And technically, Slash looks like a knight as well. But honestly, his head makes him look like a construction worker.

Anyways, he’s got stumpy Popeye arms and while his articulation is good overall, frankly, he’s a pretty fiddly toy. He’s also got an embarassingly tiny crotch which he has to cover up with his thigh feathers.

He’s really not a bad robot toy, but his legs do tend to pop off because of how fiddly it is to mess with him.

He comes with a pair of axes which are formed from his dino-arm-feathers. Which is pretty neat.

All in all, I rather do like Slash and I’d recommend him as a pickup. His transformation lets me forgive a lot of his faults, but even without it, he’s a perfectly adequate toy.


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