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Gundam Build Fighters

April 1, 2014

gunpraSo yeah, Gundam Build Fighters season 1 has wrapped up. This series is definitely a different take on Gundam. We had something similar with Gunpla Builders Beginning, so the question is whether GBF was able to exceed GBB. Anyways, I’m thinking Landon’s not a HUGE Gundam fan, so I’m gonna feel free in discussing not just GBF, but my love of Gundam as a whole. Details and a surprisingly large number of screenshots after the jump.


April Fools.

No Gundam for you.

Okay, not a great prank. Unless the intention is to “troll” Landon by defiling his blog with Gundam.

Gundam sucks (Except Gundam Build Fighters, which is surprisingly decent. Proving that Gundam needs to be less about war and more about Street Fighting)!

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  1. April 1, 2014 2:49 PM

    “Gundam sucks (Except Gundam Build Fighters…”
    I guess you’ve never seen G Gundam? You deserve a BURNING FINGER!

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