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Kotobukiya Mini Danbo model kit

March 26, 2014


Enjoy everything!

Gasp! An actual toy review? Well, not TOY toy, but a model kit that results in a toy. Also, none of that “all pictures on Mecha Guignol are 200×200” crap, ’cause screw it, toy reviews are all about the clear pics.

Anyways, a little background. Model kits are toys that you have to build yourself, like Gunpla or LEGO. Only they tend to be more expensive and yet more fragile. In other words, they’re like regular toys, but worst.

But not Danbo here. Danbo rocks. Released by Kotobukiya, the completed product is thereabouts a smidge below 4 inches tall. The design doesn’t have much detail, but what details there are, are present in this lil’ figure. From the coin slot above the left breast to the light switch on the right side of Danbo’s noggin’.

Gimmicks-wise, Kotobukiya’s Danbo Mini doesn’t have the peg holes to hold Kotobukiya weapons like the regularly sized Kotobukiya Danbo, but Danbo Mini does sorta have an eyes light up gimmick. Simply, there’s a piece of translucent yellow plastic that you can attach to the back of Danbo Mini’s eyes to give the very very vague impression of a possibly somewhat lighted pair of eyes. It’s also pretty easy to split the head in half to change Danbo Mini’s on/off state.

Articulation is surprisingly non-Mini-mal. Danbo Mini’s got some pretty complex shoulders and hips in order to provide full ranges of motion. The front and back skirts are even movable, to get out of the way of the legs swinging about. Although the design is obviously not meant to be super action posey, so don’t expect too much from that department. You get more than you bargained for, but it’s still not gonna be truly sufficient.

Building Danbo Mini is of course, a relatively quick and easy task. Excellent for beginners, and the payoff is pretty darn good. Like most/all model kits, it doesn’t feel like it’ll survive a fall, but is otherwise sufficiently hardy if you’re gentle.

I believe the original suggested retail price was 880 yen, making this not only one of, if not the cheapest Danbo on the market, but also arguably the most bang for your buck Danbo available as well. Bearing in mind that many online stores tend to give a discount off that srp.

If you don’t suck, you should probably try to track it down.






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