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Viva Samurai!

January 16, 2014

flamencoSo I recently finally got around to listening to parts 1 and 2 of the Mega End of Year Podcast over at Deadlight’s Anime Blog, where Landon was a guest. It took me this long because a) I’m a slacker and b) Landon’s an even bigger slacker who didn’t link me when it came out. Anyways, good show, but there was a bit where everyone was talking about Samurai Flamenco. Which prompted me to surf the internet reading anime blogs about Samurai Flamenco, and what I found was something quite distressing: A lot of anime bloggers are deprived of that guilty pleasure which is Tokusatsu.

Okay, so lemme sum up Samurai Flamenco for y’all. As of right now, Samurai Flamenco is a series that is a love letter to the genre that is Tokusatsu, by jumping from prominent franchise to prominent franchise. And it does so in a manner that is logical from a stream of consciousness point of view.

It started with the modern era of “realistic” tokusatsu. Like Kick-Ass or ZebraMan or even Batman. Once it fully explored that part, it went all Kamen Rider, right down to the part where King Torture offered to turn Samurai Flamenco into an evil cyborg. You know the part where Guillotine Gorilla (whose name I guessed from Landon’s description, because they even used the same goddamn naming conventions as Kamen Rider) kills a bunch of guys and then no one else dies for the entirety of the run? Yeah, that’s totally Kamen Rider. In fact, I’m disappointed they didn’t kill off Mari at the end. Not because I found her annoying, but because Kamen Rider had a long tradition of killing off any female leads, especially if they become heroes.

The Kick-Ass bits beforehand were pretty much what happened right before the start of a Kamen Rider series. And once you’ve wrapped up with Kamen Rider (with a bit of Pretty Cure), the next “logical” franchise would be Super Sentai. Not Power Rangers mind you, but Super Sentai. There’s a huge difference in terms of the tropes. The whole Super Sentai thing is why I internally squuuueeee every time Flamen Blue opens his goddamn mouth, because everything he says is just stereotypical Blue Ranger. If you examine the way he behaves, he’s basically Dirk from the old G-Force/Gatchaman, or what’shisname who pilots the red lion in Voltron, or Danny from Bravest Warriors. He’s the perpetual #2, there to spice up Red. Everyone else acts precisely as their colors would dictate, except for Pink, who isn’t genuinely “Pink”, but she acts the part for the cameras.

Anyways, it seems they’ve already mostly wrapped up the Super Sentai homage. The characters have gone from bickering to sorta getting along now. The giant combining mecha has had its power up by adding on additional mecha parts. They even recycled the curry joke when offering Goto the spot of Flamen Yellow.

The only things left at this point is the introduction of the 6th Ranger. Although this part might be averted when Goto rejected the offer to become yellow? Still, that’s the main thing I can think of right now. That there would be a new Ranger. He might be a new member, a fanboy of the Flamengers, an enemy turn anti-hero… whatever.

OR, we could be seeing Metal Heroes next. The 64 Wargods or whatever seem to be game based, so we could be seeing a shift into the digital realm. Which would be the stepping stone to introduce Metal Heroes style Tokusatsu into this whole shebang. Metal Heroes have been having a revival of late, so it might happen. FYI, Metal Heroes were another competing hero franchise to Super Sentai. That’s the series that brought us the Space Sheriffs, such as Gavan. But most people in the world might remember them as Samurai Syber Squad or Big Bad Beetleborgs.

If Samurai Flamenco IS about Tokusatsu (of which Super Sentai/Power Rangers etc are but subgenres), we might even get Ultraman or Godzilla homages eventually. Think about it, they’re already indicating that there’s extraterrestrial shenanigans going on. We might just see Samurai Flamenco SHOCKINGLY DIE, only to return as a Ultraman in the next episode.

If any of this stuff happens, it’ll prove that I was right and you’re all WRONG, so yeah… we shall see. Viva Torture!

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  1. dliessmgg permalink
    January 16, 2014 2:17 PM

    Clearly the sixth ranger will be Mari, with special armour provided by the scientist guy who helped Samumenco initially.

    • January 16, 2014 10:24 PM

      That sounds plausible, although if the stationery guy comes back, I reckon he’ll have a huge tech upgrade.

      Speaking of, even the evolution of Samumenco’s costume (pre-Sentai) is very Kamen Rider. The first upgrade, which follows the vision of his grandad, is rather non-descript whilst following Samumenco concepts. The second power-up gave him a stationery theme.

      In Kamen Rider, you had the Showa Riders, who basically followed the concept of Kamen Rider. But in the modern Heisei, where merchandising is king, we’ve had Kamen Riders based on trains & train passes, USB sticks, tokens & gashapon and the latest one is based on Fruit.


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