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12 Days of the Teekyu Revolution – Day 9 with Sempai

December 16, 2013

1The Teekyus isn’t satisfied with having a bigger Oscar than Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. They wanna take it right to everything those so-called hallowed institutions hold dear.

Studio Ghibli is founded upon notions of environmental awareness, pacifism, and nostalgia. “Aren’t we such horrid creatures, we humans, who kill one another and rape the wilds for meaningless resources that bring us no happiness or satisfaction? Weren’t the days before industrialization and modernization so beautiful? We have lost everything that makes us human.” Blahblahblah barf.

2We know it’s a load of crap. It’s little more than an assembly line of canned, manufactured emotional manipulation– just like most entertainment, but with an added layer of deceit and deniability. Sure, Spirited Away is trying to make you feel sad with its portrayal of nature spirits corrupted by pollution, but its all played with the same levels of fire and brimstone as a Baptist revival. This is church for would-be otaku activists who get warm fuzzies from watching social issues being addressed and think that’s enough to gain moral superiority.

Yeah, Miyazaki’s stuff is kinda ugly on the inside. Just like the inside of Teekyu’s Catbus. This isn’t some warm, comforting, cozy thing. It’s all blood and guts and the innate disgusting nature of reality. If you sleep on Totoro’s belly, be prepared to bleed.

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