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The Incomplete Yet Objective But Somewhat Inaccurate Impressions of Late 2013 Anime

October 13, 2013

saintjung(Editor Note Thing: GASP! Updatedude actually wrote a post.)

Here’s a secret. I don’t watch anime. Not for years. Oh, I catch an episode or OVA here and there, and I’ve… legally acquired a bunch of them, but for the most part I just skim them and can’t work up the will to actually watch anything. It’s all Americartoons for me lately.

But yeah, I’ve actually watched these episodes so now I’mma gonna tell you what I think.

kilakilKill la Kill (episode 1)

You know what Kill la Kill and Arkham Asylum have in common? They do a lot of stuff, right off “The Bat”.

Right off the bat, Kill la Kill catches my personal attention, not for the very Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann art style and character designs (seriously, student council prez is just Rossiu with tits and a vagina), but for having Marvel Legends Iron Man and Hulk, and a Sentinel. And then later, having their Annihilator/Grey Hulk repaints. You know those are Marvel Legends because of the distinctive inhuman proportions.

But yeah, it’s a good episode, right off the bat, we get stuff explained, the main chick already goes after the interim big bad gal and we already got our various dangling plot speculation points. I mean, the most obvious is probably the whole “thread” thing when the main girl defeats the boxing dude. From the looks of it, her black uniform might be the “original” school uniform. So she’ll probably have to defeat everyone at school or they’ll have to willingly surrender their power to empower her later on.

Which begs the speculation, if the uniforms are instruments of fascist totalitarianism, perhaps the main girl’s dad was actually a bad guy and was assassinated for great justice?

Also, I kinda find it hard to think the student council prez is gonna be the final boss. She’s the daughter of some chairwoman after all. But I’ve got a feeling there’s probably one or two more big bads after that.

Finally, that school building’s shaped like a giant sailor uniform. I’m calling it, someone’s gonna wear the building.

So yeah, I dig Kill la Kill. It does what the TTGL movies fail to do. Which is to get you into the over the top nature of the series in a short span of time. I dig that it revels in the over the topness but also appreciate that as of the first episode, this is a show we can actually speculate about.

gendyOutbreak Company (episode 1)

Proof that there’s no objective difference between rice (rice is good, it is yummy with the right toppings) and crap in anime or most works of fiction.

On paper, Outbreak Company is just your generic fetish harem anime, like Zero no Tsukaima but with more rape bait maids… err, sorry, I meant “exact same amount of rape bait maids”. Like, the only difference there is Outbreak Company’s rape bait maid is a half elf, which probably means she’s come from a long line of rape victims (since according to Fantasy convention, all half elves are the offspring of raped elf women, except in “Villains by Necessity” by Eve Forward). Hell, the queen is just Zero.

And the dude’s inability to not shout out the fetish type whenever he encounters a new one, really isn’t anything to significantly set this anime apart from all the other crap out there.

And yet, yeah, somehow this is still better than all the other crap. Like, the only truly cool bits are when that government guy reveals his bastardness, but overall, this show’s still somehow watchable. So yeah, worth watching, for now.

Oh, I did like that the lizard dude had almost no animation when he “talked”, but that the queen was totally over animated.

dullsurprise2Ace of Diamond (episode 1)

Here’s one of those shows I only skimmed. It’s notable because despite jumping to multiple points at random, the scenes I landed on were all still frames. The most actual moving animation I saw was a panning shot where a guy’s mouth moved while he was talking. And this, from a baseball anime, which should denote some degree of y’know, animation of baseball-ness.

I rate this ep a Bleh.

Saint Young Men (OVA episode 2)

Remember the first Saint Young Men OVA? This is like that, except with less explanatory expositionary episodic events and more random event that happened one particular night. There’s less feline ritual sacrifice but hey, there’s Space Invaders.

To cut a long story short, it’s a cute OVA worth watching for the general amusement and occasional extra good bits.

docMeganebu (episode 1)

Like I said, I haven’t watched anime for a long time. Part of the reason why is because I’ve watched so much before that there wasn’t anything new to catch my eye. Long story short in regards to Meganebu, if you’re a newer watcher of anime, this series is probably great. It’s probably funny and charming and crazy.

If you’re an old hand, then there’s absolutely nothing new to this. From the archetypes to the plot to whatever. Okay, maybe the mech is sorta cool (had TTGL not already done giant shades on robots).

So in short, Meganebu’s a subjectively solid series. It’s recommended if you’ve never encountered its ilk, but not much to hook myself, personally.

yowamushipedalYowamushi Pedal (episode 1)

Generic shounen series along the lines of Baby Steps and other “realistic” sports series. I do like that the main dude isn’t the standard shounen main character though. You know the type, sharp scruffy hair, calls himself average looking when he’s obviously “hawt” etc.

This main dude looks like the glasses kid that Zetsubou Sensei dude does. He’s like that loser secondary guy from that cyborg series the Zetsubou dude wrote.

For that, I gotta give the show some kudos.

But yeah, this show is very typical for shows of its ilk, but the good news is that these kinda series tend to start off strong. So this is one show to follow, at least for now.

TL;DR, Kill la Kill = yay, Saint Young Men (#2) = eeeeh-yay, Outbreak Company = meh-yay, Ace of Diamond = bleh, Meganebu = mmm-yay, Yowamushi Pedal = yay.

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