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Completely Baseless and Completely Accurate Assumptions About the Fall 2013 Season – Part 3

October 6, 2013

naginoasukaraThree more new series to blab about. This batch was a bit better than the second one, mainly because I might actually watch the second episode of one the series.

So let’s play a game. The three first episode in this batch are Nagi no Asukara, Outbreak Company, and Log Horizon. So, before reading my reviews, which of these three do you think I’ll give a second chance?


nagisnorksNagi no Asukara

Peeps live under the water. They have houses and heated ovens and walk about as if water was no different from air. Fish swim around, but people just walk and stuff. It makes the whole thing look like an anime version of The Snorks, except no one has a phallic dealie-bopper on their head.

I don’t know man, the whole thing just didn’t jive with me. If these Deep Ones actually looked like Deep Ones, maybe I’d dig it more. These kids need less of the Moe Look and more of the Innsmouth Look. They need gills or scales or at least webbed toes– something to say “Hey, look at me, I’m a fish dude!” Add in the fact that the first five minutes had the same vibe as that awful Ano Hana show– where everyone seemed like they were on the verge of bawling at any moment because of “the human condition” or whatever– and I had to bail.

I’m not down with fish with feelings. I’m only down with fish with feelers. Tentacles. Yeah.

loghorizonLog Horizon

I liked a couple of things here. I liked the bit with the gender-changing potion. That was a semi-clever way to deal with the whole “I play a different gender in a MMO” thing. I’d probably need one of those if I got trapped in World of Warcraft. Not that I’d ever let that happen, since I quit that shit a few years ago, but yeah, I played a female human warrior the last time I played. Named her Hamyuts after the main character from Book of Bantorra. Did my best to make her look like Hamyuts too.

But yeah, there were a few little details that made Log Horizon OK-ish. I also liked the bit where all the food and water tasted completely bland. You can program the food sprites to look good, but there’s no way they programmed in the taste. That banana’s gonna taste the same as that leg of lamb.

That’s about all this thing has going for it, though. I can’t make any comparisons with Sword Art Online, since I didn’t bother with it, but there isn’t much going on here to make this thing stand out for any other generic fantasy show. “Being trapped in a MMO” isn’t enough to make me care.

At least it didn’t piss my off too much. The whole “Now I’ll call you “my lord” after you gave me a potion” bit was lame, but that was about it. This shit was just boring.

outbreakcompanyOutbreak Company

If you guessed this thing to be the show I’d keep watching, you win the no-prize.

Mind you, I bet this’ll turn into crap pretty soon, but it has yet to go off that deep end just yet.

I’ve made a few jokes over my years of blogging about how the Japanese government probably uses anime trends as some sort of social engineering thing– turn a generation into malleable, complacent shut-ins by feeding them a diet of indoctrinating, pacifying cartoons– real Welcome to the NHK shit. Hahaha and stuff. This anime is taking that idea and expanding it into international economic warfare.

A portal to a fantasy world opens up in Japan. The government sends peeps in and establishes diplomatic relations with this magical kingdom. Naturally, the Japanese want to make economic headway into this world. It’s a new market and they’re the only country with access to it at the moment, so they may as well milk it for all the can. The catch is that these fantasy world peeps seem to be incredibly fond of otaku culture shit– anime and manga and whatever else. So the government kidnaps some ultra-otaku dude and blackmails him into being the CEO of a company exporting otaku culture into D&Dland.

It’s a pretty damn brilliant concept. It’s a sly knock on how fanboys think the world’s problems can be solved through forcing their pop culture tastes down the collective throats of the masses. If the anime focuses on this angle, it could be a lot of fun.

Thing is, it’s already pretty obvious that this is going to be about how said ultra-otaku dude meets a bunch of girls who check off his ultra-otaku fetishes, and said girls all fall in love with him and blahblahblah typical anime snorefest.

So yeah, the core concept is kinda cool. Cool enough for me to want to watch another episode or two to see if it can do something with its concept.

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