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Completely Baseless and Completely Accurate Assumptions About the Fall 2013 Season – Part 2

October 4, 2013

goldentimeI made it at least 5 minutes into each of the following 3 series. The problem is that none of these series were shorts.

Golden Time

This might be a decent little series. It’s about college freshmen rather than high school freshmen or last year middle school students. That alone notches up my interest in the series. Even if everything else is generic about it, the age factor alone is enough of a difference to keep my interest for a bit.

But I wouldn’t know if there’s anything else going on in this thing due to the way innocuous background sounds drowned out the dialogue. Heel clicks and cars passing by were far more audible than actual dialogue describing the shit taking place. I guess they don’t want us to hear the words coming out of the characters’ mouths, so I guess I don’t want to waste my time attempting to hear past the background noise.

I did like seeing that girl beat that one dude with a bouquet of roses. That was kinda cool.

How Far Did I Make It: ~10 Minutes


Some RPG heroes never get the chance to go on adventures and shit because the Big Bad is beaten before they graduate from RPG School. Main hero dude gets a job at a crappy, low-end department store. I think there’s more to the plot, but I didn’t make it far enough into this thing to find out.

Fanservice isn’t an instant turn-off. Kill la Kill had plenty of it, but it was of the light-hearted, “yeah, we know this is disgusting and ridiculous, and we won’t pretend otherwise” variety. Kill la Kill is aware of its nature. Yuushibu’s fanservice is of the leering, creepy variety. With Kill la Kill, the lechery is focused through another character’s perspective. That little 10-year-old kid gawks at the main girl’s skimpy outfit, and our focus is just as much on his facial expression as it is on the girl’s appearance. Yuushibu’s panty shots and boob shots go for the voyeur vibe. It’s as if we’re the ones with the camera. We, the viewer, and the one leering at the girl, like some omniscient god waiting to whack it off from the heights of Valhalla. Half of the shots in the few minutes I watched of Yuushibu were of this pervert’s-eye view, and I just don’t dig that. It isn’t anything new. The series isn’t setting new standards for creep factor. So this shit isn’t shocking, it’s just plain lame.

How Far Did I Make It: ~5 minutes

strikethebloodStrike the Blood

Exact same plot as Kyoukai no Kanata. Monsters exist. They’re no big deal. Stuff exists to hunt monsters or something. The only real difference is that Strike the Blood has an entire artificial island set aside for all the freaks and monsters and shit. It’s a decent enough set-up, and there were a few things I liked about it.

Then we get some really nasty crap that ruins it all.

Two dudes hit on some middle school girl. Turns out one’s a werewolf and the other’s a vampire. They do the whole “I’m gonna force you to go on a date with us” thing we see a lot in anime. They grab her arm and try to drag her off. So what does the girl do? She defends herself, and does so by busting out her magical monster-killing spear and beats up the monster dudes. Far as I’m concerned, given the rules of this world, it’s a pretty reasonable reaction. Some dude tries to sexually assault you, so you use your magical powers to beat the crap out of that dude. It’s simple self-defense.

Nope. The main dude interferes, lets the monster dudes escape, and then lectures the girl about how she was in the wrong for hitting first.

Yeah. They grab her and this dude claims she’s the one who attacked first. Then they do some bit where the wind blows, lifts up her skirt, and she freaks out and wants to kill the main dude. So not only is the show trying to rationalize that the girl’s actions were wrong, it tries to turn her into some unreasonable whack-job after the fact. “Yeah, see, she just attacks any dude for the most inconsequential thing. How dare she attack those innocent rapists!”

Fuck this shit. Seriously. I was digging the set-up, then it went and did all that. Fuck you, Strike the Blood.

How Far Did I Make It In: ~10 minutes

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  1. Andy Hackett permalink
    October 7, 2013 6:17 PM

    I really liked the Part 1 of this, but I think you were just oversensitive to Strike The Blood. I wasn’t particularly offended by that part. I disagreed with him, but it’s the character’s views, not the views of the show. It obviously was showing what they were doing in a bad light, considering how it portrayed them. Saying that one piece of dialogue made you stop watching the show as a whole is just ridiculous. It’s like saying you didn’t want to watch Full Metal Alchemist because Scar just goes around murdering innocent people. Full-scale murder is okay, but sexual harassment is a crime against nature.

    • Landon permalink
      October 7, 2013 6:32 PM

      Nah, it isn’t the same thing. Full Metal Alchemist doesn’t have its main characters moralizing to other people about how it’s OK for Scar to murder people. Ed and Al don’t go up to the police dudes and say “Now, now, don’t you be stopping this dude from rampaging and killing dudes. Don’t you dare get in the way.” Fullmetal Alchemist might make you understand where Scar’s coming from, but the writer never tries to accuse those who are trying to stop him of wrong-doing.

      Strike the Blood is going out of its way to blame the victim. The main dude– the character intended to be the audience’s focal point– goes out of his way to lecture the girl on how SHE was the one in the wrong. If it was just a matter of him breaking up the fight and telling everyone to go their separate ways, there would be no issue. But he brushes off the initial male assailant and reserves the lecturing and blaming to the female victim.

      I really don’t see how anyone can read that situation in another way. Whether that scene is a dealbreaker or not is totally up to you, but it was for me. That’s not what I want out of this anime shit. If you think that’s ridiculous, then whatever man.

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