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That Psycho-Pass Thing is Over

March 23, 2013

psychopassI liked this thing. Psychological crime noir stuff. Weird criminals with cool gimmicks. Oppressive cyberpunk whatevertopia. Guns that make peeps all explodey. Comfortably cynical views on government. Good stuff, man.

I really liked how things wrapped up. Makishima’s scheme is thwarted. While the dude’s base ideals were pretty understandable (Seriously, fuck Sibyl), he also recruited a bunch of batshit crazy nutcases to murder peeps to make his point. That isn’t cool, man. That was to be expected. I did like the nod to Seven with where Makishima and Kogami’s final confrontation went down– that empty field with mechanical towers leering over everything like judgmental gods– funneling the audience’s potential contempt for all present parties. And the dude gets shot in the head while defenseless and willing, so there’s that angle too.

And yeah, like Seven, there’s a lot of playing God going on here. All relevant parties, save for Akane, are basically going about with the delusion that they’re the one who should be delivering judgment. There’s Makishima’s scheme. Then there’s Kogami’s quest for personal vengeance, law and order be damned.

Then you have the Sibyl System. Before the finale, Sibyl was just your standard oppressive government system. It’s a bunch of brains in jars doing some hive mind thing, but it’s no different from your usual dictator/monarch/corporate monolith type. But that final conversation with Akane put everything in a new light.

These sorts of all-powerful, nefarious ruler types usually do their best to hide their true nature. It’s all working in the shadows and playing games to appear benevolent or harmless or neutral or whatever. Sibyl has designs on something bigger. It wants to emerge from the shadows and reveal its true nature to the populace while maintaining its power. In doing so, the final piece of information that could potentially work against it would be rendered meaningless, because “evil brains rule the world” won’t be something that shocks the populace. That’s just how shit works.

In a way, this whole series is something of a creation myth for this new Sibyl “god.” It’s all about how faith in Sibyl is created despite it being a bunch of nutzoid psychopaths making arbitrary decisions in order to maintain a facade of law and order. Akane’s pretty much Sibyl’s first prophet. She knows the truth, and despite her misgivings, Akane maintains the faith. She might want to see the system fall on a personal level, but she believes that her personal feelings have no bearing on society as a whole.

Akane’s acceptance of Sibyl despite these feelings is the first step in Sibyl effectively becoming a god in which its citizens entrust wholly. If the greatest individuals with the most potential see the truth and accept it, what can your average person do but bow down and accept Sibyl with all their heart when the truth is revealed? So what if Sibyl is more like the wrathful, petty, violent god of the Old Testament than the accepting, empathic, personal god of the New Testament? That angry god knows best because its creation works.

Yeah, Sibyl is the god of the new world. It creates faith in a broken, fucked-up system because it creates creature comforts for its followers.

That’s some fucking scary shit, man, and it makes Psycho-Pass kinda awesome overall.

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  1. Mitleser permalink
    April 16, 2013 3:04 PM

    Sibyl is Justice.

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