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The Conspiracy Collapses

March 7, 2013

psychosibylIn a lot of ways, Psycho-Pass is everything I want out of an anime series. It’s violent and cynical and reeks of conspiracy theory. It’s clicking with me on almost every level, and so long as it doesn’t collapse under the weight of all its ideas and shit (Like, say, Madoka), I think it’s gonna join my Top 50 List along with JoJo when both series end in a month or so.

What surprising about the series is that I haven’t felt the least bit compelled to write about these goings-on. I love to speculate and make up all sorts of theories about where things are going in these shows, but Psycho-Pass hasn’t really inspired me in that way. It’s weird, man.

I think I feel this way because the series thinks like me too much. Any idea that comes to mind feels like something that will happen rather than might happen. The whole “Sibyl is a network of deviant brains” thing is something I saw coming. There was no way Sibyl was just some computer program doing its programmed duty. There was some catch to the thing, and “real people are the system” came to mind pretty early. But I didn’t really feel like blogging about it.

It just wasn’t all that exciting to make a prediction that might actually come true. This isn’t like Occult Academy, where I nailed the ending but didn’t expect it to actually happen. I was making up shit, and the dudes making Occult Academy also happened to make up the same shit I was since they apparently like the same movies I like. And this isn’t like Angel Beats, where the crazy, convoluted plot allowed for all sorts of hackneyed ideas despite experience telling us it was gonna go down the same path as every other Key anime. Yeah, I knew better than to think any of my ideas would come true, but the openings were too tempting.

Psycho-Pass is too safe in that regard. It’s following the expected beats for this sort of cyberpunk story. Yeah, they’re either run by corrupt humans pretending to be some impartial program, or there’s some rogue AI running the show, or there’s some other arbitrary lie in place that makes society easily manipulated into a false sense of security. We’ve seen this before, and any guesses I could throw out there would make too much damn sense to be fun.

It can’t be a conspiracy theory when the conspiracy is out in the open, and that just ain’t my thing.

Shame that KyoAni commercial about the swimmer dudes isn’t gonna be a real anime. I bet I could come up with some wacky conspiracy theories about that thing. Something has to explain the weird disconnect between KyoAni’s typical art style and the highly detailed muscles and stuff. It looked like two different animation studios were working on those characters’ animations. Maybe they’re Deep One Hybrids or something whose Innsmouth Look looks more like dopey moe eyes rather than fish faces. That’d explain all that swimming.


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  1. March 7, 2013 5:50 AM

    Yeah, I think we all saw the whole brain thing coming a mile away.

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