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Holy Shit! Space Adventure Cobra Got Licensed!

January 15, 2013

cobrathingGood things aren’t supposed to happen to horrible, despicable people like me, right? Then why is it that someone went and licensed my all-time favorite, never-gonna-get-a-proper-US-release anime TV series? I’m not supposed to be rewarded like this. My worldview can’t handle such a shocking development.

Yeah man, Cobra’s my all time favorite anime. When people see that on the top of my Top 50 Anime list, it seems like they jump to the conclusion that this is a choice based more on blind nostalgia more than anything else, what with the bulk of the series hailing from the early 80s. That’s the feeling I get from all of those “wahwahwah you like anime made before 2011” kids who comment on that thing. That isn’t even close to the truth.

I’ve known about Cobra almost as long as I’ve been an anime fan, but before the revival TV series hit in 2010, my only exposure to it was that infamous Matthew Sweet music video from the early 90s. I never bothered to rent the movie for whatever reason, and there was no way I knew of to get a hold of the TV series. So yeah, Cobra was pretty damn new for me when that new TV series hit.

It was fandom-at-first-sight.

It had all those pulpy action things I dig. It had that dirty, lived-in sci-fi aesthetic I’ve loved since the original Star Wars trilogy. It had a badass action hero more in line with Indiana Jones or John McClane– a little goofy, getting the crap beat out of him as much as beating crap out of others, and not as lucky with the ladies as he likes to believe. There were talking mantises with human faces and JET PIRANHAS. It was like someone cracked my skull open and served me a dish of my own creative brain matter, and I ate that shit up.

It was with that modern update that I went back and checked out the original TV series, the movie made at the same time, and the other recent OVA series that preceded the TV revival. I loved the movie and original TV series even more than the new one. It had all that crazy shit I loved about the new series and it had long-running story arcs and even cooler villains like Crystal Boy.

Space Adventure Cobra ended up being my favorite anime. It clicked with me on every level. But despite being older than almost everything else on my top list, it’s “newer” in my mind than most of the stuff on said list since it’s a relatively new discovery for me. This isn’t me waxing nostalgic for some long-lost halcyon days of anime. This is me reveling in the now, heaping love on something I watched concurrently with many modern shows and finding it far more in tune with my tastes.

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