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I Was Pushed Over the Fiscal Cliff by a Cape-Wearing Goat

January 5, 2013

drinkygoatCuticle Detective Inaba has a villainous goat mobster who eats high-denomination currency and regurgitates counterfeit bills no one would mistake for proper money.

Clearly this is a criticism of the modern world economy.

Peeps fuck up with their money. By peeps I mean big corporations and banks– the master criminal illuminatis ruling the world. The “eat” money the same way Valentino eats yen in Cuticle Detective. They need that money to fuel their dastardly schemes and shit. Then, when they run out of money to do their thing, they come crawling to the government for bailouts. The government feeds these goatperations, and what do they give us in return? Nothing of worth. They just fill their pocket-book bellies and give nothing of value to the world in return for those precious tax dollars shoveled down their throat.

Then the world goes to shit and we’re all nothing more than passive aggressive crossdressers and wet blanket anime dudes and Italian-Japanese lackeys with bags over our faces. And our lives are a lot like the lives of these characters. Yeah, every now and then we can laugh at our dismay, but it comes at the expense of a lot of pain and jokes that fall flat.

Yep. Cuticle Detective Ianba is the most important anime airing. It doesn’t always work. It uses that Gatling Gun approach to comedy, where it spews out gag after gag and prays you get gunned down with laughter, but the dude firing needs to up his Heavy Weapons skill or something because I see more holes in the wall behind me than I see in my gut.

But when this thing works, it works pretty well. Most of that is due to the weirdness and violence quotient. None of the characters really mesh with one another. Why’s some crossdresser hanging with a genetically-engineered werewolf? Why does an anthropomorphic Italian midget goat have a samurai dude with a burlap sack mask as a henchman? Hahaha! The goat got shot in the head multiple times and is still alive! Yeah, man, bondage is hilarious. Uh huh. It’s absurdity for absurdity’s sake, and I think it works.

Yep. This’ll probably be my favorite of the season, with that Roman thing with Monkey Punch character designs being the only other thing really grabbing me.

Oh, and Inferno Cop. That’s its own brand of sublime.

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