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Something With a Chick Wearing a Medical Eyepatch That’s Legitimately Cool (and Isn’t Chuunibyou)

November 23, 2012

Yeah man, Chuunibyou has pissed me off the past couple of weeks. I knew the forced drama and tame teenage romance was on its way. I knew I wasn’t gonna like that shit, but it didn’t bother me all that much. It wasn’t a deal breaker. What got me was this notion that one becomes a chuunibyou or geek or nerd or whatever you wanna call it because of some sort of personal problem. Rikka started her “delusions” when she wanted to believe her father was still alive. Before that, as far as we can tell, she was perfectly “normal.” She isn’t a geek retreating into her fantasies to deal with the real world, she’s someone who didn’t become a geek until after the harshness of reality struck.

There are implications that being “different” is something wrong– something you become when you’re too weak to deal with life’s problems– and the way Rikka’s sister reacts reinforces this. Rikka is wrong for acting this way. She’s immature and needs to be dealt with so she can become “normal” once again.

This is lame. Ultralame. Fuck this shit. It’s ruining my enjoyment of the series as a whole.

So yeah, I wasn’t too happy with these developments. Then Updatedude showed me this little manga called Jyashin-chan Dropkick. It has a girl who dresses in gothic lolita fashion and goes around with one of those disposable medical eyepatches. She’s all into the occult and shit. She has her own nickname: The Preacher of Evil, Zabiel the Black. She’s even older than Rikka, being college-aged or something. She’s more of an extreme chuunibyou than Little Miss Chuunibyou Hotness Rikka.

Also, her delusions are totally real. Demons exist, and she accidentally summoned one.

Yeah. This girl, Yurine, summoned a Lamia– one of those half-snake half chick monsters from myth. She’s the Jyashin-chan from the manga’s title. The “Dropkick” part comes from the fact that Jyashin is constantly trying to murder Yurine. See, in order for Jyashin to go back home to Hell, the person who summoned her has to die. Yurine isn’t too keen on offering herself up just so her lamia “friend” can catch a ride home, so there’s a constant battle of wits and lack thereof to see who is the dominant species: demon or LARPer.

It’s some cool stuff, very much in the vein of Azazel-san. Demons turned into cute shit, while still possessing that “I’m all evil and junk, please let me kill you and reap your immortal soul” edge is the height of comedy. So most of the chapters flow like this: Jyashin comes up with some scheme to murder Yurine. Yurine saw it coming a mile away and prepped for it Batman-style. Jyashin gets pissed off and tries to use one of her various dropkick maneuvers on Yurine. Yurine blocks it and enacts her vengeance by brutally beating Jyahsin in some way. So maybe Jyashin invites her Medusa friend for a visit, intending to have her turn Yurine into stone. Yurine sees it coming and buys some bracelet that makes you immune to that sort of thing. Because, you know, they sell shit like that in Shibuya or whatever. Jyashin’s plan fall through, so Yurine makes a deep cut in Jyashin’s side and hangs her upside down to let the blood drain out of her. Wocka Wocka Wocka.

So it takes the same “chuunibyou are SO FUNNY” concept and runs with the actual comedy side of things. There’s no hint of things getting serious, it’s all about reveling in ridiculousness sadism. Pretty much my ideal sort of comedy.

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  1. Zammael permalink
    November 25, 2012 5:05 PM

    Haven’t bothered to watch Chuunibyou, but I do agree with the Eyepatch chick, ever since this classic:

  2. Norman permalink
    December 5, 2012 7:35 PM

    So I do agree that making the delusions just a coping mechanism wasn’t the greatest move, but I doubt you could say the rest are the same as her and I don’t think thats really the moral here. Its more like yeah chuunibyou is okay, but there are some things you gotta face. And I know its trite romance isn’t your style, but the show already solved one of your earlier complaints of their being too many scrappy doos by having Yuta be a lot more chilled out.
    So I’m curious, do you genuinely think its bad or its just not your style? Like, Yuta is this girl’s first male friend and he’s been rather nice to her, so I don’t think the romance is that forced. Also, you gotta give it credit for moving it along quickly instead of 5 episodes of “Do I liker them, do they like me?” bullshit.

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