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Those Sociopaths Next-Door Need Love Too

October 1, 2012

So I watched the first episode of that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun show. That name translates to The Monster Next-Door or something. I rather like the other English translation, My Little Monster. Is this gonna be about how Friendship amongst horrible people is just as beautiful and all Magic-like as normal friendship? I hope so.

That’s what I liked about this episode. This isn’t just a romance, it’s a romance between two complete sociopaths.

So we got the main dude. He has some serious issues here. He thinks it’s perfectly OK to threaten a woman with rape in order to get her to be quiet. He’s totally cool with beating the crap out of people over the slightest perceived aggression. He’s also thoroughly naive, believing anyone who haplessly tosses around the word “friend.” “Hey, dude, give me your money because we’re friends. But behind your back I’m gonna diss you for not giving me enough money.” He’s taking some of his cues from manga, and then wondering why things aren’t playing out exactly like they do in said comics. The dude isn’t functioning on the right level for polite society. He’s anti-society– like some genius Tarzan who learned about our modern world from shoujo manga. The dude’s a creep.

The main girl isn’t functioning much better. She’s totally focused on her studies. She demands payment for doing little things that distract her from her single-minded obsession with studying. When she was a child, she didn’t give a damn when the class rabbit suddenly died. She just excused herself so she could study at home instead of being distracted by silly things like compassion. It’s one thing to not give a fuck about certain things, but she comes across as completely cut off from normal human interaction. If the main dude is Tarzan, she’s a fucking pure-blood Vulcan.

Naturally, they’re made for each other. He’s passionate and untamed while she’s the epitome of self-control and denial. Like the opening shows, she’s gonna try to put him on a leash and tame him into submission while he’s gonna try to crush her will and turn her into some fiery she-beast. And that’s cool, because horrible people without a shred of human decency or the capacity to relate with other living things need to be loved too.

I know from first-hand experience.

But I’m pissed at the same time. The opening scene teases us with a rooster as a main character. It lists a bunch of characters, one of whom is said rooster, but it doesn’t deliver. We see the rooster walk down the street in the opposite direction of the main sociopath chick, but the shows attention chooses to follow the girl back to school instead of following the clearly more interesting chicken.

That’s unacceptable, and if we don’t get more rooster in the next episode I’m done with this thing. Even if I can relate to terrible people in love, denying the cock is just unforgivable.

Also: Fuck you Brains Base. The only series you should be working on are Baccano and Enma-kun. The world desperately needs more Enma-kun.

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  1. October 1, 2012 3:13 PM

    • Landon permalink
      October 2, 2012 7:38 PM

      100 years from now, THAT’S what he’s gonna be remembered for. That and his Oprah incident.

  2. October 2, 2012 6:27 PM

    Horrible people are those who know better and intend to be horrible. Neither of the main characters are that.. They simply aren’t there, not able to connect.

    Then again, most of the classmates aren’t there either in some capacity either, threatening to beat her up, kidnapping her, threatening payment, revenge, beating up classmates, lying, or watching those abuses and doing nothing. But that’s “normal,” now, isn’t it?

    Further, applying your own standard back on you, you seem more concerned and displeased, however jokingly (or not), about a freaking rooster, than the lives of two flawed, human characters. If you call them horrible and sociopaths, what’s that make you, since you certainly should know better since you’re openly criticizing a fictional work on very real, matter-of-fact terms.

    • Landon permalink
      October 2, 2012 7:33 PM

      I’m assuming this is the first time you’ve been to my joint, so you aren’t familiar with the way I usually blow things out of proportion with ridiculous hyperbole. Yeah, don’t take the stuff I say around here too seriously.

      So yeah, I’m exaggerating these characters’ flaws. It’s part of the shtick. That said, I do think the main dude is a creep. You don’t go threatening girls with rape and stuff in such a casual way unless there’s something off about your perspective. The girl’s just a bit too anti-social, but I wanted to run with the sociopath gag.

      I didn’t mention the classmates because it wasn’t relevant to my focal point: The “romance” between the two leads. Yeah, some of them seem to be dicks too, so their absence from my post is only due to their irrelevance to the situation.

      And I’m a horrible person. Terrible. Rotten to the core. Worst of the worst. Destined for the bottom rung of Hell. Likely to usurp Satan and win the war against Heaven in his place. That sort of thing. Yeah.

      I don’t see where you thought I was criticizing this anime. I said in the opening bit that I kinda enjoyed it. Far from being an instant favorite or anything, but it caught my interest enough for me to 1) Write about it and 2) Think about watching the second episode.

      And that chicken is fucking awesome. He better get whole episodes dedicated to him.

      • October 2, 2012 9:11 PM

        Never said a word about you liking or disliking the anime. You can hate it, that’s your right. Not understanding it, not seeing it clearly, that’s a different matter. If you see it plainly and have a different opinion, more strength to you, but it doesn’t seem to me like you really got the characters or the writer’s intent.

        I disagreed with your simplistic take and characterization of deliberately flawed characters. You can chalk it up to hyperbole or what not, but you wrote what you did with a purpose, and regardless of how you want me to take it, your words have clear meaning and interpretations, in-line with your schtick.

        They are not horrible people. (Which was the point reflected back upon you, that you weren’t yourself, but I guess “if” doesn’t mean anything these days.) They’re flawed individuals. You’re writing “You don’t go threatening girls with rape and stuff in such a casual way unless there’s something off about your perspective” as if there isn’t something off with the guy’s perspective? Like through the entire episode, perhaps.

        That’s the point, he’s one F’d up person. But he’s clearly not horrible. He’s not even a sociopath. He’s just not enabled. A horrible person would have raped her knowing it was wrong. This isn’t some exercise of in degrees, he would have simply done the deed. Or with that level of intelligence he has, used her (instead of saving her from her kidnappers). He doesn’t do these things. He clearly threatens her because he feels he needs her help and that’s his way of getting it, however horrible or absurd you may find it.

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