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Titles Are Not Meaningful In This Context

September 8, 2012

Landonedit: This is the first post by the super-secret third member of this blog thing: Threedark. Among other things, he’s gonna be handling Doctor Who. 

So, hooray, new season of Doctor Who! Callooh callay what a frabjuous day and all that rubbish. Let’s get this out of the way, first and foremost:

“God Dammit Moffat!”

Of course, it isn’t the only thing we’ve seen since the season ended last year, not including the Good-But-Not-Great Christmas Special. The intervening time betwixt then and now that we chronally locked mortals have to struggle through have been peppered with shorts. Some of which have been downright heartwrenching or disturbing.

The lead-in to this season adding context of some sort to the goings on beyond “Hey here’s the Doctor, and here is Amy, and here is Rory…” Not that it is really all that necessary. It establishes quite well in the first few minutes that things have not gone famously (Haha, see what I did there since it’s already been established that Amy is well-known model?) in the marriage of the Ponds since the Doctor has left them to their (relatively aside from the odd Ood) normal lives. Fair enough. I mean, who could go back to mundanity after all that travel? Even Sara Jane could only handle it for so long before she had to get her own spinoff, and don’t get me started on Captain Jack.

No, seriously, don’t.

In any case, the Pond has apparently run dry and nobody informed the Daleks. Nobody tells them anything, though. Who could be blamed not wanting to talk to xenocidal trash bins. The Doctor and Amy and Rory are now captives of the Daleks. The Doctor gets off a quick “Remember, I’m the ELEVENTH Doctor” quip before we get to the heart of the matter: The Daleks want the Doctor to save them.

“Well, this is new.”

I’m really not trying to give a play-by-play here but it’s kind of hard not to since I’m rewatching it as I write to keep it fresh in my mind. I should stop, maybe. Or not. I don’t know.

Hey look, a new title sequence. A little more ominous this time around. Darker colors, more of the lightning and maelstrom and the uncertainty of hurtling through time and space representative maybe? Maybe not. Hard to tell. New more daleky “Doctor Who” title too. Ominous much? Maybe I am reading too much into it, we’ll see as more of the new episodes hit.

And a girl! Wait, is that the new Companion? Here? Now? Whelp, alas Rory and Amy, we knew them Horatio. Okay, I know I’ve already seen this episode but I am giving approximations of my reactions to key things hereabouts so bear with me. I will try and rush through a bit so I can actually discuss stuff in a more rambling manner.

Okay, I lied. I really can’t just sit here and watch this one again all the way through. After the clever retort that the Grand High Pubah Brain Monster Dalek throws at the Doctor “Perhaps that is why we have never been able to destroy you!” which is not really all that new a concept since they’ve been yelling that sort of thing at him since Eccleston, I just really don’t feel like it.

I didn’t really enjoy this episode. It had some moments, but they were fleeting. Lots of running and being confused and eye stalks and trying to be scary horrible but failing. It felt cramped and rushed, as though it wanted to be a two parter but there wasn’t quite enough to actually make a full second episode out of so they just shoved it all into one. The ‘twist ending’ was pretty well telegraphed by every eyestalk in the house and the double-twist with the entirety of the Dalek Parlament intoning The Question wasn’t nearly as clever as it could have been. It just felt forced, over all.

The biggest thing that this episode left was the question of how the hell is Oswald Oswin going to become his companion if a) She’s a dalek and b) she’s now dead. If he saves her, somewhere along the line then he UNDOES the fact that she saved both he and the Ponds. If he doesn’t, and picks her up for Fun Companion Times anyway only to return later so she ends up meeting her fate anyway… Well that’s a built-in tragedy ending far too akin to what we’ve already seen with River. It’s kind of absurd.

She’s also pretty but a little annoying with her “Girl Genius” attitude, reminds me too much of spastic Tennant.

Whatever, We Shall See.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to wait to download DINOSAURS ON A MOTHERFUCKING SPACESHIP.

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  1. processr permalink
    September 8, 2012 12:15 PM

    I find myself agreeing with near enough everything in this post. Especially the spastic Tennant spawn part, my god does it grate. I recently had the misfortune to see Journey’s End for the first time in a while, and Doctor!Donna is supremely irritating.

  2. September 8, 2012 12:21 PM





    Was my reaction when I hit the ending. Let’s be honest, it was at best, a decent yet average episode of DW. You could see the “twist” coming a mile away (if you’re a Whovian) and the double-twist as you put it was also telegraphed, though more downplayed.

    Still, here’s the thing… the Eleventh’s personal theme music? Might be the best theme music in like, all of TV in it’s ability to just amp up everything. Despite the middling-ness of most of the episode and the somewhat telegraphed ending, it was still “god damn fuck you Moffat”-good.

    And the Question. He’s just… unabashedly milking it dry, but “god damn it you son of a bitch”, I love it.

    Hopefully the next ep will be actually good on its own merit and not as a result of Moffat pulling a Moffat. Which are nice but such shock factors have more meaning when saved up.

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