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12 Days of Anime X-Mas Shit – Day 6 – Crayola Kills

December 20, 2010

I talked about Hipira-Kun awhile back. It’s a cute and twisted little kiddie cartoon– the exact sort of thing that most kid’s cartoons should be like. But when I wrote that post I’d yet to see the entire series. Damn, it has an awesome ending.

The last episode deals with a little witch that just moved to Hipira’s town. She likes to doodle things in her sketchpad with crayons. The catch is that when she doodles you, she sucks you into her drawing, essentially kidnapping you. Naturally, she does this to Hipira, and she also does it to one of his little classmates. Seems she likes to “pull pranks” like this and had to change schools because of it.

So while she has Hipira and his buddy under her control, she unleashes one of her creations on them: a T-Rex. You’d think that vampires could take on a T-Rex, even little kid ones, but that isn’t the case. That dino chases them down through the pages of the witch’s sketchbook and does his best to eat them alive. Stuff happens, and Hipira finds out that the only way to get out of the sketchbook is to have it get drenched in water. Cue a neighborhood dog that’s all too willing to supply a stream of piss and everyone’s free of their crayola prison? Happy End, right?

See how I said everyone? Yeah. Not only did Hipira and his buddy get a golden shower-flavored dose of freedom, so did the T-Rex. And the T-Rex did what any good T-Rex does when he’s in a city filled with people: he started to rampage, starting with Hipira and his buddies.

And that’s where the episode ends. Dino starts to chase down all the little kids, and then cut to black. No “to be continued.” No reassurance that Hipira and his friends were OK. No cute cutscene at the end of the credits to lighten the mood. All that we get is the impending devouring of our hero. As far as we know, he’s digesting inside of the stomach of that crayon T-Rex.

I’m all for that interpretation. Kids need to see other kids get eaten. It’s a positive growing experience.

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