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12 Days of Anime X-Mas Shit – Day 10 – Monchichizume

December 16, 2010

The director behind Kemonozume, Tatami Galaxy, and Kaiba seems to have no problem with adding cartoonish, downright silly elements into series that any other director would play completely straight. Kemonozume sounds dead serious when you hear a synopsis, being a Romeo and Juliet hybrid with swords and monsters and shit. It also has a Yoda-like monkey that never utters a single line in the entire series.

When the main character and his half-brother duke it out in the first episode, their fury is defused when a small peach-loving monkey appears on the scene. Not only does the monkey provide what at first seems to be unneeded comedic relief in a fairly tense situation, he single-handedly schools both swordsmen and ends the fight on his terms. It’s like the monkey was there not because he wanted to nosh on some peachy goodness, but because he wanted to show the characters the true direction in which they should funnel their rage.

The main character seems to get what the monkey may or may not be trying to communicate. He takes to the monkey as if he were his teacher, calling him master and occasionally following it about like a devout pupil. The monkey’s like his spirit guide or something, acting as the main character’s guide through all of his sexual and martial frustrations, and it all makes perfect sense within the context of the series. Kemonozume’s a series where giant detectives lurk about, monsters disguise themselves as humans so they can eat them, and the main villain is a pudgy looking old man whose head sprouts baby-like legs and runs about when he gets decapitated during the finale.

But that sage-like monkey wraps up everything that makes the series so awesome– it’s willing to go “out there” while still making everything come together into a cohesive whole. I love shit like that.

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