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12 Days of Anime X-Mas Shit – Day 11 – Black, White, Chuck

December 15, 2010

Chuck dies. A lot. But he always comes back. But one time, his death becomes a thing of beauty.

The “Chuck to the Future” bits from Panty and Stocking are pretty damn awesome. They start off like a rift on old school Tom and Jerry cartoons, where Chuck and that evil red devil dog thing get into an epic battle of violence and sight gags. But as they go on, they slowly descend into a sort of surreal, dream-like madness that seems like the natural extension of the sort of unrealistic, consequence-free violence you see in this sort of Looney Tunes-inspired shit– you work yourself into some fevered frenzy, only to have that spiral into utter madness.

So it only makes sense that all of this climaxes in the devils residing inside of Chuck and the other dog thing getting it on while Chuck’s drooling corpse watches with its blank, dead stare. While other moments might be far more awesome, that last moment where we see Chuck’s vacant expression and the shadowy sex that he’s watching might be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in an anime this year.

And that’s kinda sick when you think about it. Awesome.

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