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12 Days of Anime X-Mas Shit – Day 12 – Time Traveling Cookies

December 14, 2010

A lot of my “top moments of the year or whatever” picks are gonna be of the “they really went there, didn’t they?” variety. The first of such moments is the way the second half of Soredemo’s 9th episode ended:

It was all because of time travel!

The series has built up Hotori’s bullshit stories as just that: the complete and utter bullshit spouted from the mouth of a complete and utter moron. She goes off on incoherent and illogical tangents about the stupidest of things, and we know she’s full of it. So when she spouts something about the expiration date of the rainbow cookie snack thing could represent any date where the last two digits are “10,” claiming that a time traveler came back into the past to give people snacks, we figure she’s spewing the same old nonsense.

Then BAM! The end of the episode cuts to the a scene of the dude who loved those little snack thingies and the dude’s from the future. On top of that, he deliberately distributed the snacks in the past as a way to see if he could alter the future. The store selling the snacks was going out of business, and he used his super-duper future exploit shit to fix it to where the snack company not only didn’t go out of business, but that said snacks would become super popular in the future.

All this time, we assumed that Hotori was full of shit, but this time she was fucking right. Is there a method to her madness, or is this just a dumb gag?

Probably both, and that’s what makes Soredemo a pretty damn funny anime.

P.S. And then episode 10 happened and went even further into the realm of the weirdness. And it was AWESOME (But 9 is on the list for doing it first.).

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  1. December 14, 2010 8:29 AM

    Episodes 9 and 10 have been my most favourite of the series so far. Rather interested how the next 2 episodes shall go.

    Gotta watch out for those cookies!

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