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Spread Gun

December 8, 2010

Sometimes you need to hold down the B button and indiscriminately shoot everything on the screen. And sometimes you need to blog about a bunch of little things at once.

Touhou? That weird fan phenomenon where most of the fandom has been birthed out of fan-created art and the like? Yeah, the idea seems fairly “modern,” but it’s hardly a new thing. While I doubt Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos was the first fandom to experience this phenomenon, it’s the oldest one that comes to mind. Most of what we Mythos fans like about the stories was created post-Lovecraft, such as the role-playing games and the like. Hell, I got into the Mythos through the RPG back when I was in high school. I really got into the shit and loved the concept, but I never got around to reading an actual Lovecraft story until I was well into college. Not unlike a Touhou fan that’s never really bothered with playing the doujin shooters everything’s based around. I’m sure there’s other things out there that follow that pattern, where people consider themselves a fan of some pop culture thing but never really bother with the “original” thing that started the phenomenon. Y’all know of anything else that plays like that? Other than the Vocaloids, that is.

You know what I thought about when I saw the latest episode of Soredemo? You know, the one with the dude time traveling and spreading weird-looking snacks about, which leads to the antique shop girl going on a somewhat surreal quest to find the town where they’re made? I thought about Takashi Miike’s movie Gozu.

In Gozu, the main character goes on his own weird little quest in a small Japanese town searching for something that may not exist. The catch is that the thing he’s looking for is his yakuza boss, and said boss may or may not be dead. Like the latest episode of Soredemo, the dude has a surreal dream, except replace “fantastical city just behind a beat-down door” with “goat-headed creature.” Gozu also has some other freaky stuff, like an older woman who bottles her own breast milk to sell at a convenience store and a grown man being birthed out of a young woman and other stuff that makes it all feel like a David Lynch movie, but that half of this Soredemo episode still had the same vibe to it. Awesome episode that reminded me of an even more awesome movie.

By the way, the above clip really has nothing to do with Soredemo. Although I wouldn’t put it past Hotori to do something like that.

That new maiden in Star Driver? Isn’t she totally a clone of Sae Sawanaguchi from Magic Users Club? They’re both scatterbrain girls with similar hair and similar facial expressions, and they’re both self-proclaimed witches. It’s a shame that Star Driver’s nowhere near as good as Magic Users Club.

I’m playing WoW, so if updates get as scatterbrained as the above characters, that’s why. I also have a few other little projects brewing at the moment, so I’m somewhat distracted. Doesn’t help that the current crop of anime isn’t all that conductive to discussion, and all these distractions are keeping me from watching a lot of older stuff. So yeah, that’s why you may see me disappear for a few days on end.

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  1. December 8, 2010 3:42 AM

    Something non-anime similar to Touhou and Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos…Vampires? How many modern day vampire fans have read Bram Stoker?

    Although Touhou is really about the fanmade material so the analogy doesn’t work quite so well

  2. December 8, 2010 12:44 PM

    Excellent PEW PEWing, sire.

    I just have to note this though: The way you talked about the Touhou fandom seems to be geared towards the “False Children of Touhou”, which is just half of the populace. There are still factions that fall under the category of the “True Children of Touhou”, but they are mostly composed of hardcore players who played nothing but the originals and nothing else.

    The link below should help further the understanding for Touhou, so I’ll stop here:


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