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Schrodinger’s Slice of Life

November 27, 2010

And by “Slice of Life”, I mean “Waste of Time”.

You see, I actually like the Index series. I enjoyed season 1 and I found no problem with the “pacing”. I tried to get Landon into it, but I think he was too busy watching Haruhi or playing WoW or something. Then Railgun got her own series and Railgun suuuuuuucked like a druggie whore who’s gone cold turkey and needs to earn that next fix. Gobble-gobble doncha’ know? I stopped watching Railgun real early, but Landon was being a masochist and continued watching till he became traumatized.

Index II rolled along and I got him to give the first ep a try. Which got him to watch the Nunsploitation Arc. But then… the whore needed her fix again…

Fucking Railgun appeared for a couple eps. The first half of ep 6 was classic Railgun (re: shitty) but then I thought it got decent for the second half. I actually thought ep 7 was pretty good, though the animators wisely decided to end the Railgun-centric arc asap. Alas, Landon was so traumatized by the Railgun series that he mistakenly thought ep 7 was awful. He’s wrong of course, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t anywhere near as shitty as Railgun was.

So now we come to ep 8. The Schrodinger’s Sphinx ep. I’mma going to spoil the plot now, because the plot’s inconsequential. That’s right, it’s another fucking Railgun…ish, ep.

It opens with Touma’s parents bumping into Railgun’s mother (who is a slut). They waste a couple minutes flirting before we get a scene with Touma and shitty Railgun being shitty Railgun instead of the watchable “Biri-biri” from season 1. Then we get random and inconsequential crap and the introduction of a big breasted class rep, whose only purpose was to be big breasted. The entire ep plays out like a typical harem anime at this point, which is a step up from the Railgun feel of the first 5 minutes, but “typical harem” really isn’t that much of a step up.

Anyway, about 2/3 in, we finally get some exposition. Girl-Pope and Upside-down-dude give us the setup, and later, sunglasses dude explains the rules and scenario. It seems yet another nun or magician or witch or warlock or Tauren Chieftain has gone rogue and she’s trying to get the Stab Sword. An item capable of killing Jesus and Santa Claus (no really, it’s designed to kill Saints like St. Nick or St. Patrick).

But then we go back to the harem crap. The ep ends with Touma conveniently coincidentally meeting up with the Stab Sword’s transporter. The ep ends with him tailing her and she realizing he’s somehow involved.

So… the problem with this ep isn’t so much that it mostly consists of shit and crap, although that IS a problem. Since it’s been a collossal waste of time. The problem is we have no idea what’s actually crappy or not. We KNOW the Railgun parts are shitty, and we KNOW Himegami is useless (she’s that random girl that sometimes talks, her schtick is that she’s useless and gets no screentime). We also know that Index has too much screentime to do nothing, whereas in season 1, her nothingness screentime was kept to a minimal 3 to 7 seconds per episode, here we see her occupying about 5 minutes of on air time.

Anyway, while all of the above is indeed terrible, the problem now is that we don’t know about the other stuff. Do Touma and Railgun’s parents have any significance? Will the big breasted class rep play an actual role in the upcoming story? These two are the major unknowns of the ep. Were they complete wastes of time or will they actually play some sort of significant role later?

If they’re wastes of time, then this has been the shittiest episode of Index by far. It’s on par with a typical Railgun ep. But if they play some sort of role in the upcoming story, then at least their screentime can be validated as letting the viewer get familiarized with them. I can sort of accept it if the parents aren’t immediately important, but the big breasted class rep has been the biggest screen hog of the ep, so if she turned out to be just a random and unimportant muggle, then this episode was pointless and you can safely skip it.

Thus, this ep is a Schrodinger’s Sphinx. It may be shitty, or it may simply be crappy. But until the next ep rolls along, we won’t know. I’m trying to get Landon into Index II so that he’ll eventually go and get the first season of Index, but this ep just ain’t helping. I’ll actually have to tell him NOT to watch episode 8, otherwise, he’ll drop this show and never pick it up again, even if every episode onwards has like, I dunno, Jet Piranhas on Motorcycles.

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  1. November 27, 2010 3:01 PM

    Fukiyose doesn’t do anything. I guess she’s just there to show that Toma has friends that are normal people. Don’t think she ever appears again after the Daihaseisai arc. Mombiri does something eventually, if I recall, but probably not during the Daihaseisai arc. Also, the slice of life elements should mostly be gone by the time they get to vol15, which is where they start delving into Academy City’s dark side and introduce Shiage, the third ‘hero’. Also, spoilers.

    • November 27, 2010 8:45 PM

      Thanks for the info. I guess this means Landon should just skip this ep, less he abandons the series altogether.

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