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The Age of Tentacool

October 16, 2010

The two best anime series of this season, Squid Girl and Kuragehime, both have tentacle monsters in them.

Try not to get violated by the sheer awesomeness of this season’s writhing spectacle.

Kuragehime’s something like the second coming of Maison Ikkoku, assuming if you filtered Ikkoku through a mixture of fan culture and fashion. You get the whole “apartment complex filled with misfits” thing in both series…

Yeah, screw it, Let’s just jump into another session of Insane Landon Conspiracy Theory Theatre.

Maison Ikkoku took place in the mid to late 80’s. Assuming this anime takes place in the mid to late 00’s, taking into consideration when the original manga was released, we have roughly 20 years difference between the two series.

Let’s assume that when Godai and Kyoko get married, after a while they decide to get their own place outside of the old apartment complex. Since she lives there and everything, they hire Mrs. Ichinose to take Kyoko’s place as the manager of the complex.

She works until she gets to a nice old age and retires, handing over the job to her daughter…

Wait, Ichinose only has a son. Kentaro ain’t no chick. See, look at where this kid grew up. Ikkoku was hardly a normal apartment complex. You have a chick traipsing about in the nude all day, a weirdo whose job no one ever discovers, and all sorts of other wackos living in this joint. Kentaro was bound to develop into some kind of “eccentric” as well, so let’s say that seeing Akemi going about baring it all every day causes some sexual confusion Kentaro’s mind. BAM! Once he gets into his teenaged years he realizes he wants to be a woman and gets a sex change. He changes his name and there we go.

Kuragehime is officially a sequel to Maison Ikkoku, and you have my crazy theories to thank for it.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I think these two series (Ikkoku and Kurage) have the same vibe. The whole “eccentrics live in the same apartment complex” thing is yet another brilliant sitcom scenario that’s rife with potential, and it looks like they’ve assembled a great cast of characters to play off of it.

Just got this to say: I hope the main girl’s mother died of something real, like cancer or something like that. The typical anime “wasting disease” is so lame. It’s hard to even laugh at it anymore. It’s one of those bits that’s gone from serious to laughable to ironically funny to just plain sad. That’s my only gripe about this episode, and it’s pretty trivial at that. If that’s the only bad thing I can say about an episode, that’s a good thing.

And yeah, the whole squid/jellyfish/tentacle thing I started talking about but completely forgot to address. Yes. The Age of Tentacool. Fear the tentacles and stuff.

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  1. October 16, 2010 11:45 PM


    Assuming there’s been 20+ years between series, the current manager is too young to be Ken. No sex change for you! Besides, we already have a crossdressing char.

    The only logical conclusion is that she is Kentarou’s daughter. Ken’s at least in his late 20s, maybe in his early 30s by now. Assuming he knocked Akemi up when he was like, in his early to mid teens (she’s totally the kind to sleep with a young kid as a way to “make him a man” and then have her still underage daughter take over running a complex so she can retire early), then the age discrepancy can be explained, as well as maintaining the Ichinose genetics, AND why the young daughter would have grown up in such an environment.



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