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October 9, 2010

I never watched the first season of *insert long title here* Index, and I absolutely hated *insert same title here* Railgun, as discussed in previous posts. So I initially had no intention of checking out the second season of Index. But Updatedude wormed his otaku tentacles around and coerced me into checking out the first episode of the second season. He wanted to see how someone who hadn’t seen the first season would react to this episode. I obliged and entered into his one person experiment.

I kinda dug it.

The one thing I liked about Railgun was the world. It hinted at this elaborate, well-constructed world with psychic powers and future tech and all sorts of other interesting shit, and its primary sin was neglecting that world and focusing on inane everyday girl shit. Right away Index avoids all of that. We get thrown into an ordeal where a “magician” with a cool hand crossbow artifact magical thing is trying to kidnap Index. He wants stuff from inside of her library-like mind or whatever and is willing to do bad stuff to get it. The conflict in the episode does a pretty decent job of establishing the world’s rules (for the most part) by showing off all sorts of magical shit and getting into how Index is so special and giving the main dude a chance to show off his negating powers. Toss in a few “mysterious” scenes hinting at stuff to come and this one episode has already done a hell of a lot more with this cool world than the five or six episodes of Railgun that I suffered through last year.

So yeah, way to actually use this world and play off of all this cool stuff. You get a gold star for today’s lesson, Index.

As for Index herself, I don’t get why people don’t dig her. Almost every review of the first season that I read went on and on about how annoying she is. I’m not seeing it. She isn’t an instant favorite or whatever, but I like the fact that she’s basically a magical girlfriend type that’s more than a little “incompetent.” She’s far from being the perfect, immaculate type that these characters tend to be, but she also avoids being some lame tsundere stereotype that berates the main dude. She’s something of a space case that’s more interested in getting her belly filled and playing with her cat, which I figure is one way you could go about trying to worry about the fact that you’re a vessel for an entire collection of Necronomicons. Maybe she’s the type of character that grates on you after a while or something, but at first glance I kinda like her.

Doesn’t hurt that she’s a nun (Or at least dresses like one.). Nuns > maids, catgirls, and every other moe girl stereotype. Aww yeah.

The main dude is pretty decent as well. Typical “hero” type with a bit of snark to him. Nothing special, but at least he has a personality. And he’s not afraid to kick a little ass, even if he gives a cheesy “you don’t need to fight” speech at the end of the episode.

Yep, this looks to be a decent little series. I might have to check out the first season sometime to see what’s up. Still won’t watch the rest of Railgun though. God that series was painful.

You go, Sphinx! Scratch her face off!

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  1. vucubcaquix permalink
    October 9, 2010 3:52 PM

    The first season had issues with pacing and some episodes that felt very filler-y. But on the whole, I find the Occult side of the whole Raildex ‘verse to be MUCH more engaging and intriguing.

    I was trying to find a clip of Touma’s fight with Innocentius and Index using St. George’s Sanctuary to highlight some of the ridiculously impressive animation that series had at times, but all I could find were shitty AMV’s made by teenagers. Funi blocked most of the scene clips in the US.

    Having watched Index made Railgun even more infuriating because the first series outdid it in so many ways.

    • October 9, 2010 9:13 PM

      The funny thing is I actually liked the pacing of the first season. It’s been awhile, but if I recall, it used a 2 episode per arc type deal.

      Anyway, it basically did away with the whole Index-centric storyline and then went for “filler”. But I liked ’em, since they were generally pretty good eps in and of themselves, and Landon’ll probably like them on account of the world building they did. Really, it’s about as “filler” as Cowboy Bebop was mostly “filler”.

      The one concern I have with season 2 thus far is that Railgun is dere-dere mode Railgun. I actually liked Railgun in season 1, she was the theoretical true tsundere. Most tsunderes, indeed, the image of tsunderes, is an abusive or annoying bitch who gets a free pass for no apparent reason. Railgun was an actual tsundere with the initial tsun slowly morphing to dere over the course of the series.

      So I’m concerned that she’s starting off as a dere in season 2. And I hope to god that there’s no hint of A Certain Scientific Railgun in her, beyond maybe a frog fetish or something. Seeing as that version of her sucked like a whore with a surgically implanted industrial vacuum.

  2. October 9, 2010 9:49 PM

    Pretty much no one on the internet agreed with me back when index first aired. Season 1 is interesting and captivating throughout. Railgun is substandard and often meanders around on silly fanservice.

    I was worried for a bit thinking JC Staff might change how Index 2 was directed after Railgun, but it seems to be keeping the same feel as season 1 (along with the same production staff). So, Michael is happy one episode in.

  3. October 10, 2010 2:04 AM

    >its primary sin was neglecting that world and focusing on inane everyday girl shit
    The Railgun anime was meant to be a break from all the ‘elaborate, well-constructed world with psychic powers and future tech and all sorts of other interesting shit’, for those who are interested. Try making your way through the Railgun manga. You might like it a lot better than the anime. Without all the filler to dilute the plot, shit starts getting serious pretty quickly, especially when it gets to the Sisters Arc. The thing about the main story(Index) is that it gives a bit too much focus on the Magic side, and Railgun rectifies that issue a bit. Just wish it wasn’t a monthly manga, since most of the chapters are pretty short too(the shorter ones can be around 16 pages long).

    The frustration with Index seems to stem from the fact that even though she is ‘a vessel for an entire collection of Necronomicons’, she tends to be useless, and gets kidnapped, quite frequently, making her some kind of walking macguffin for a good portion of the plot arcs that she’s involved in. It doesn’t get much better when the other two ‘heroes’, Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage, come in, since they start forming harems full of damsel-in-distress type characters too. In fact, recently, in the novels, Accelerator and Hamazura just finished saving Last Order and Rikou, just to have them kidnapped again, by a different group of people. You can expect people to start bitching about that around when Index IV rolls out.

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